The PRO-200A utilizes premium circuit and amp design to serve at the perfect unit to power the entire Klipsch Professional Series.


  • POWER OUTPUT, rated at 2x100 Watts (stereo) into 4 Ohm
  • HIGH POWER OUTPUT (bridged mode), rated at 200 Watts into 8 Ohm
  • SUBWOOFER AMPLIFIER, adjustable crossover frequency 50 Hz – 150 Hz
  • FULL RANGE AMPLIFIER to power a full stereo 2.1 or 2.0 system
  • DAISY CHAIN CAPABILITY for larger installs and theater systems
  • EXTENSIVE HEAT SINKS for reliable operation and long life of the amplifier
  • HIGH CURRENT DISCRETE POWER TRANSISTORS in the output stage for the best possible performance
  • AUTOMATIC POWER TURN “ON” for maximum energy efficiency
  • FRONT MOUNTED LEVEL CONTROL for easy setup and adjustability
  • GOLD PLATED RCA input and output jacks
  • HEAVY DUTY push button binding posts for easy connection
  • OVERLOAD PROTECTION for long lasting, high performance audio

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Rated Power Output2 x 100 Watts (Stereo) into 4 ohm Load 200 Watts (BTL) into 8 ohm Load
Crossover Frequency Response@ Min position 18.5-55.2Hz 40Hz/0dB ref @ Max position 18.2-168.8Hz 40Hz/0dB ref
Auto Turn On Sensitivity5mV +/-2mV Full Range 1KHz 5mV +/-2mV Input 50 Hz
Delay "Off" Time8 minutes
Line Out Freq. Response20Hz +/-5K - 20 KHz +/-5K 1KHz/0dB ref
Input Impedance9.2K ohm +/-5%
Max Noise+Hum Vol Max<1.0mV, Input Shorted
Power Requirement115V 60Hz or 220 - 240V 50Hz
Dimensions5.5” (140mm) H 5.69” (145mm) W 12.75” (324mm) D
Clearance for VentilationTop: Min. 0.375” (10mm) | Back: Min. 2” (50mm)
Weight11 lbs (5.3 kg)