Man looking at vinyl albums while listening to the Reference On Ear II Headphones

Father's Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the World's Greatest Dad? Klipsch has cutting-edge speakers and headphones that are sure to make this Father's Day one to remember. These gifts will be sure to put a big smile on your Dad's face. Shop our Father's Day Gift Guide below for great ideas and even better savings.

Klipsch Fathers Day Gift Guide Movie

Designed to bring the movie theater experience into the home, these speakers, sound bars, and subwoofers will take your Dad's movie-watching to the next level. Round out your Dad's home theater system with a set of floorstanding speakers that deliver pristine and natural sound.

For more low-end oomph, a dedicated subwoofer will give your Dad's favorite heist movie bass intensity.

Finally, if you're feeling particularly generous this Father's Day, you can gift him a home theater system for the full 5.1 surround sound setup.

R 625 Fa Top
R-110SW subwoofer angled
R 41 Sa Pair
Klipsch Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018 Outdoor

Got a Dad who spends most of his time outdoors? Enhance his backyard experience with our premium all-weather speakers that deliver incredible audio during any season. Outdoor gifts don't get much better than our rock speakers, which hide inside a UV-resistant granite or sandstone facade. Whether your Dad prefers to BBQ with music blasting or chill by the pool while listening to the radio, we've designed outdoor speakers that deliver dynamic audio without taking up space.

AWR-650-SM Outdoor Rock Speaker
CP-6 horizontal black speaker with grille
AW-400 Outdoor Speaker front view no grille
AW-650 Outdoor Speaker, black
Klipsch Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018 Headphones

Now, your Dad can take our signature sound wherever the road takes him.

If your Dad is looking for something portable to pack for family outings, we suggest the Groove Portable speaker. The Klipsch Groove Bluetooth® speaker offers amazing sound quality and a long-lasting battery in a speaker that fits into the palm of your hand. Or, opt to get your Dad the Three with Google Voice Assistant. Not only can he put it anywhere in the house, he can tell the stereo what to play. Your Dad will craft his playlist and turn it up while your Mom is gone.

Finally, Klipsch is known for our ultra-comfortable earphones. We patented our approach to comfort. Grab a set of earphones and let your Dad listen to whatever his heart desires with incredible acoustic clarity.

Groove Portable Bluetooth speaker angle
R5 Neckband in black facing right
Klipsch Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018 Audio

Happy Father's Day to a man who appreciates the finer things in life. For the ultimate audiophile Father's Day gift, check out our selection of premium, hi-fi speakers and headphones that are sure to blow Dad's hair least what is left of it.

Our Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker is truly in its own league, with a full range, three-way system that's capable of incredible dynamic range.

We also offer a line of premium headphones designed with genuine cowhide and solid wood, evoking Dad's heyday in the '70s.

Pair of Heresy III Black Ash speakers
Heritage HP-3 Headphones Walnut
C-310ASWi subwoofer angle
Rf 7 Iii Black Angle
    • R-625FA: Limited Time Offer: 10/29/20 - 11/01/20
    • R-41SA: Limited Time Offer: 04/13/22 - 05/15/22
    • AWR-650-SM Granite: Limited Time Offer: 04/12/21 - 05/31/21
    • CP-6 Black: Limited Time Offer: 06/01/20 - 06/30/20
    • CP-6 White: Limited Time Offer: 06/01/20 - 06/30/20
    • AW-400: Limited Time Offer: 06/15/20 - 06/28/20
    • Groove Black: Limited Time Offer: 04/11/22 - 04/24/22
    • R5 Neckband Black: Limited Time Offer: 01/21/21 - 01/21/19