11.2-Channel AV Receiver

TX RZ70 On Media Console with Plants Blue Light Behind 2000x2000
TX RZ70 On Media Console with Plants Blue Light Behind with Overlay 1920x1080


11.2-Channel AV Receiver

TX RZ70 and Klipsch Home Theater System showing Space movie in Home Theater Room 2000x2000
TX RZ70 and Klipsch Home Theater System showing Space movie in Home Theater Room 2000x1333


Home theater buffs rejoice! The Onkyo TX-RZ70 is our most powerful AVR yet, giving you the power to design the ultimate entertainment space with discrete zones, multiple subwoofers, and high-performance components that won’t overheat or lag.

TX RZ70 Top Off Internal Components 2000x2000
TX RZ70 Studio Grade Processing 855x1149

Studio grade processing

Built by and for audiophiles, but intuitively built for the everyman. Utilizing the very latest audio technology including ESS Sabre DACs, THX® Certification, and eARC functionality, the Onkyo TX-RZ70 overdelivers on premium home theater performance.

TX RZ70 Back Panel Angled 2000x2000
TX RZ70 HDMI and Video Inputs 855x1149

HDMI and Video Inputs

With 8K/4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.1, HDCP2.3 and HDR10+ the world is your oyster. The Onkyo TX-RZ70 has all the high-end inputs you’ll need to run a sophisticated home audio, theater and gaming system.

TX RZ70 Dirac 2000x2000
TX RZ70 Dirac 2000x1333


You deserve an AVR that adapts to your life, not the other way around. With built-in Dirac Live® Room Calibration Full Bandwidth, the Onkyo TX-RZ70 uses machine learning to perfectly adapt and calibrate your audio settings to your unique speaker system and room layout. And big bass fans will also be able to upgrade their system (firmware available June 2023) with Dirac Live Bass Control Single/Multi Subwoofer for optimal calibration of the lowest tones.

VSX LX 305 505 IMAX 2000x2000
TX RZ70 IMAX 855x1470


Bring the theater experience to your home by recreating IMAX content as filmmakers intended. The TX-RZ70 meets the precise quality standards established by IMAX to reduce noise and grain to produce brighter, clearer pictures, plus immersive sound for the ultimate cinema experience. IMAX Enhanced Mode also provides a stretched aspect ratio for up to 26% more picture on your large screen.

TX RZ70 THX 855x1470


In 1993, Onkyo became the first consumer home theater electronics brand to be THX-certified, after thousands of tests. Now, no matter what input or what combination of built-in features are used, what preamplifier or amplifier, there can be nothing added or taken away from the source material. And the TX-RZ70 offers four useful THX listening modes: cinema, gaming, music, and surround EX.

Klipsch Optimize Mode Reference Premiere 2000x2000
TX RZ70 Klipsch Optimized Mode 2000x1333


Klipsch and Onkyo teamed up to implement the precise crossover values for specific new speakers, so you can easily and seamlessly integrate your Klipsch Reference and Reference Premiere speakers with your new Onkyo AVR. Simply select the model of speaker for each channel, and the optimized crossover setting will be automatically applied.

TX RZ70 and Klipsch Home Theater System in Purple LED Lit High Rise Condo 2000x2000
TX RZ70 Easy Streaming 2000x1333 v2


The Onkyo TX-RZ70 includes a host of built-in options for your favorite streaming apps and smart home assistants. Additionally, it integrates easily into your existing smart home ecosystem and is capable of structuring a multi-room ecosystem that satisfies virtually any need with DTS Play-Fi.

TX RZ70 Gaming Console Below TV with Futuristic City Game 2000x2000
TX RZ70 Gaming Console Below TV with Futuristic City Game 2000x1333

4k gaming

Made with gamers in mind, 4K/120 enables ultra-fast motion UHD images to be razor-sharp benefitting sports, action movies and high-performance gaming. Discrete zone switching enables Ultra High-Definition entertainment in two rooms*, and bi-directional Bluetooth with improved data transfer capabilities allows the AVR to send and receive audio wirelessly with a pair of headphones or your phone.

*8K60 only valid for Zone 1/Zone 2 will only produce 4K120 resolution when two separate HDMI sources are used.
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From your first, intro-level AV receiver to the ultimate high-end AV receiver that will power your dream home theater and audio experience, we have what you're looking for across our portfolio of brands. Take a look now at all our Onkyo, Pioneer and Elite receivers.