RP 600 M bookshelf speaker home theater setup with basketball


“Je ne sais quoi”

Translated as, “a quality that cannot be described or named easily,” it is often used in reference to someone who is extraordinary or beyond words. We could easily say the same for the recent Monday Showcase winners from @HomeAudioSet. Billing themselves as, “hungry audiophiles,” Antoine and Guillaume call the south of France home. They tell us this show-stopping Klipsch setup came courtesy of their friend Elliot Wachenheim.


What are the Components of Your Home Theater Setup?

Photo courtesy HomeAudioSet

The speakers are Klipsch RP-600M bookshelf speakers, paired with a SONY STR-DN1080 amplifier and DeConti LEGNO-60 stands to create a sleek look to the bookshelf speakers.

“I chose these speakers because my room is not really large, so I wanted bookshelves speakers compatible with my use. I watch many movies and I enjoy music,” Wachenheim says. “I plan on buying surround speakers and a center channel in a few months to have good immersive sound.

“After choosing good speakers, I knew I needed a good amplifier and the association between SONY and Klipsch appeared to be very good according to internet forums. Antoine from HomeAudioSet confirmed that because he already demoed the other Sony/Klipsch Setup. In fact, Guillaume already has a Klipsch RP-250F/RP-250C/Synergy S1 a with a Sony DN-1080 receiver and it is working wonderfully.”

Why Choose Klipsch for Your Home Theater Setup?

Photo courtesy HomeAudioSet

“As soon as I saw Klipsch’s speakers, I really loved their design,” says Wachenheim. “So, I decided to find more information about it. I found a vlog/visit on Youtube of your factory. I really liked your brand philosophy. The good news is that it was on my budget and the quality was confirmed by Antoine and Guillaume.”

What’s your favorite show or music to listen to using your Klipsch home theater system?

“I’m a big big fan of Marvel movies and ‘Star Wars,’” he says. “When I received the home theater setup, I could not stop myself from watching all of these movies again to rediscover these classics.”

Music-wise, Wachenheim says it runs the gamut. “Initially, I listen mostly to techno and electronica,” he says. “But, since I bought the RP-600M, I tried other styles like classical or jazz to see if I also can appreciate those.”

What Advice Would You Give to Audiophiles Who Might Be Interested in Klipsch?

While Elliot, Antoine, and Guillaume all had different takes on the answer to this, all three had one common answer - Klipsch delivers a world-class sound experience.

“It’s a difficult question,” Elliot says. “But, I would say that Klipsch is a great value for the money and a perfect fit to begin your first home-theater setup.”

“Klipsch truly has something incredible when you listen to it,” says Antoine. “It’s one of the only brands who can transmit the magic of home theater with an unbeatable price. Klipsch brings total immersion and a very dynamic sound.

“Klipsch’s high sensitivity speakers allow me to have a really big sound in my room,” says Guillaume. “People who listen to my setup are often surprised by the details and power of the bass for a small floorstander. At the back, bi-pole surrounds give a nicer soundstage spread.”

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