Cornwall IV speakers in a turntable listening configuration


Hi-Fi Home Theater? You Can Do It With Klipsch!

While normally associated with audiophiles and music lovers, you can use our premium Klipsch Heritage line for hi-fi home theater spaces

Heresy Floorstanding Speakers

You know them, you love them: Heresy. Forte. La Scala. Klipschorn. Any many more in between from the 75-plus years of building our legendary Heritage speakers right here in Hope, Arkansas. Our founder, Paul W. Klipsch, was a genius and maverick who engineered groundbreaking new audio products for audiophiles the world over, and it’s a practice we continue to this day.

Most people who purchase Heritage speakers are discerning audiophiles with a deep appreciation for high fidelity sound, vintage aesthetics, and truly impeccable audio reproduction backed by science, physics, and unparalleled craftsmanship. What may surprise you is knowing that there is a sizeable community of avid Klipsch fans who use their precious Heritage products to power a home theater system, in addition to (or in lieu of) a typical stereo music setup.

Klipschorn Walnut Angle Right Grille
Klipschorn AK6 Walnut Satin Black Natural Cherry
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La Scala AL5 Walnut angled with grille
La Scala AL5 Walnut Satin Black Natural Cherry
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Forte IV Carousel 2 American Walnut- pair of brown speakers with no grille
Forte IV American Walnut Distressed Oak Natural Cherry Black Ash
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Heresy IV Black Ash Right
Heresy IV Black Ash Natural Cherry Walnut Distressed Oak
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What's The Difference Between Hi-Fi And Home Theater?

Hi-fi (high fidelity) typically refers to a two-channel (left and right) stereo setup with the primary objective of achieving faithful sound reproduction and a focus on clarity, balance, and detail. High quality speaker components and expert craftsmanship are essential, as are investments in premium amplifiers and source equipment to minimize distortion and ensure accurate signal delivery. Hi-fi products and the science behind them is a continual topic of conversation for audiophiles, especially on popular forums. As technology continues evolving, our engineers at Klipsch keep building upon the legacy of Paul W. Klipsch, but our four principles remain the same:

  • High Efficiency / Low Distortion
  • Controlled Directivity
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Flat Frequency Response

AV enthusiasts can (and should!) check out our Technology page to learn more about each principle.

Paul W Klipsch Black and White Photo

Home theaters, as the name implies, are generally comprised of five or more speakers placed strategically around a room to deliver immersive sound as you simultaneously enjoy video on screen. Our award-winning Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers are precisely engineered for this purpose, delivering clean, pure sound in an elegant package so TV, movie, and gaming fans can dive deep into their content while experiencing auditory bliss.

Love Hi-Fi And Home Theater? Heritage Can Do It Both.

If you already own Heritage speakers – or want to invest in hi-fi from the start – know that these legendary speakers aren't just confined to music playback. Imagine turning your living room into a mini movie theater, complete with mind-blowing sound. The rumble of thunderstorms, the whisper of a suspenseful dialogue – Heritage speakers immerse you in the action. Pair them with a foundation-shaking Reference Premiere subwoofer or two, a top-notch AV receiver, a killer projector, and some comfy seating, and you've got yourself a home theater that rivals the local cinema.

Cornwall Turntable Configuration

We recommend researching deeply before making a Heritage purchase. Join forums and chatrooms with Klipsch fans and learn from their years – sometimes decades – of experience and experimentation. Work with a local authorized Heritage dealer to find the right speakers, AV equipment, and layout to suit your space and budget. And remember to keep the future in mind: building a home theater system with Heritage speakers is a rad idea…but maybe you want to use them for a vinyl listening lounge too? Keep all your interests and audio hobbies in mind.

Whether you're a music maven seeking auditory perfection or a cinephile craving a cinematic adventure at home, Klipsch Heritage speakers stand ready to elevate your audio experience. Ultimately, the choice between hi-fi and home theater depends on your priorities, budget, and just how hardcore a Klipsch fan you are. No matter your choice between Heritage and Reference Premiere, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the experience. Now pass the popcorn.

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