Reference Premiere Surround Sound Speakers

    Klipsch  Surround Sound Speaker on a wall

    Klipsch Reference Premiere series speakers are completely redesigned from the ground up with the latest acoustic engineering and design.

    • 90x90 Hybrid Tractrix Horn
    • Linear Travel Suspension Titanium Tweeter
    • Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers
    • MDF Cabinet with Brushed Polymer Veneer Baffle Finish
    • Strong, Flexible Removable Grille

    The wide-dispersion RP-250S surrounds really did their job with great competence…they provided a great sense of envelopment and kept up with the mighty front stage when things got loud.

    Mark Henninger | AVS Forum
    Klipsch  Reference  Premiere  Center  Surround  Sound  Speakers  Grille


    We redesigned the Tractrix® horn from a 60×90 horn to a 90×90 horn for a wider dispersion area. This square horn mouth is paired with a circular horn throat for enhanced soundstaging, while maintaining the dynamic, powerful sound of a Klipsch speaker.

    Strong, flexible grilles magnetically detach revealing a clean baffle. Unlike the Reference II series, the magnets have been embedded within the baffle for superior high frequency diffraction reduction.

    Klipsch’s Reference Premiere system aims to deliver some serious bang for your buck, and they are wildly successful at doing so. Klipsch has trickled down the technology behind some of its ultra-high-end speakers to the Reference Premiere series, offering the company’s best sound for the dollar yet.

    Caleb Denison | Digital Trends
    Klipsch  Reference  Premiere  Center  Surround  Sound  Speakers  Design


    Easy to hang on the wall or set on a speaker stand, we’ve paired an all-new, premium wood grain polymer veneer with a brushed polymer veneer to add a more modern aesthetic for the Reference Premiere system. The clean, seamless lines of these speakers allow them to be incorporated into any decor.

    Klipsch  Reference  Premiere  Center  Channel  Speakers  Atmos


    Looking to add more than only surround sound? Dolby Atmos delivers a hemisphere of sound the completely engulfs the listener in their movies and music. Klipsch's signature controlled directivity makes our speakers the ideal choice for delivering this cutting-edge, overhead soundstage.


    The Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers and subwoofer deliver maximum home theater dynamics and power with ease, and sound great with music, too.

    Steve Guttenburg and Ty Pendlebury | CNET

    What the Klipsch Reference Premiere system does well, it does brilliantly. It extracts maximum information from movie soundtracks; the RP-250C center in particular is a dialogue-intelligibilty champion, and the RP-250S surround helps construct a convincing soundfield. The RP-150M monitor also meshes satisfyingly with vinyl and the more refined forms of digital audio.

    Mark Fleischmann | Sound & Vision


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