Klipsch Forte III speakers in front of a home wooden bar


SUITES 9014 + 9017

Rock out with Klipsch at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Suites 9014 and 9017. Learn about our newest technology and listen to our latest speakers and headphones.

Klipsch Heritage Classic Hero

To be labeled a Klipsch Heritage Series speaker means our founder, Paul W. Klipsch, played a pivotal role in the design, development and engineering of these incredible loudspeakers. Each speaker is designed and assembled in the U.S.A. with furniture-grade wood veneers and feature our cornerstone horn-loaded technology to deliver an unsurpassed acoustic experience.

Pair of Heresy III Black Ash speakers
Forte III pair
Man reading a magazine on a couch while listening to the Heritage HP-3 headphones

Leveraging the same acoustic principles and design philosophies of our Heritage Classic speakers, Klipsch Heritage Inspired premium audio solutions are built for the audio aficionado. Featuring real-wood finishes, hand-stitched leather, and durable metal structures, these speakers and headphones deliver the ultimate listening experience that’s made to last.

Heritage HP-3 Headphones Walnut
The Sixes
Klipsch Home Theater System

Reference Premiere Series


Redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Reference Premiere series leverages over 70 years of Klipsch signature acoustic expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver the ultimate home theater and hi-fi listening solution.

Rp 8060 Fa Walnut Angle
Rp 8000 F Walnut Angle
Rp 6000 F Walnut Angle
Rp 5000 F Walnut Angle
Rp 600 M Walnut Pair of speakers
Rp 500 M Walnut Pair
Rp 504 C Walnut Angle
Rp 404 C Walnut Angle
Rp 502 S Walnut Pair
Rp 500 Sa Walnut Pair
Close up of a Klipsch speaker system surrounding a tv


Crafting this incredible finish for our most popular home theater speaker series requires a painstaking, three-coat paint and polish process. By delicately fabricating each layer, the result is a deep and vivid reflection that only a true piano black finish possesses. The luminous finish wraps around the entirety of the housing to provide an even reflection that gives the speaker an edgeless appearance from every angle.

RF-7 floorstanding speaker



Featuring an all-new titanium compression driver, 90x90 compressed molded-rubber Tractrix horn, redesigned bifurcated cabinet, cast basket Cerametallic woofers and finished in a premium, furniture-grade wood veneer - the RF-7 III floorstanding speaker champions our legendary, high-performance Klipsch sound.

Rf 7 Iii Black Angle
C-308ASWi subwoofer on the floor next to a tablet


Powered by a BASH digital hybrid amplifier and side-firing passive radiators - the C-Series subwoofers are able to optimize output and low frequency extension while minimizing cabinet size.

C-310ASWi subwoofer angle
  • Product Promo Details
    • RP-504C Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 06/15/20 - 06/28/20
    • RP-404C Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 06/15/20 - 06/28/20
    • RP-600C Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 06/15/20 - 06/28/20
    • RP-500C Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 06/15/20 - 06/28/20
    • RP-502S Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 06/15/20 - 06/28/20
    • RP-402S Walnut: Limited Time Offer: 06/15/20 - 06/28/20