GIG XL and XXL on Podiums in Laser Light Room 2000x1000


1. Host An EPIC Karaoke Night

GIG Karaoke

One of the best things about the Gigs is their included mic and input for karaoke night. Their Echo Voice Effect adds depth and improves overall sound, making your solos sound so much better while boosting your confidence as you slay your playlist. Fun fact: singing hacks your brain to boost natural endorphins, AKA happy chemicals. Just plug in the included mic, pic your favorite song, and let loose.

And the fun doesn’t stop at karaoke. For those that are extra musically inclined, the Gig XXL comes with a standard 1/4” instrument cable input. That means you can connect your compatible guitar, keyboard, drum machine, and more to the Gig XXL for a sick solo that’s in sync with the music and light show.

PAIRS WELL WITH – laid back friends, chips and guac, and someone recording the fun for viral social media reels (…or future blackmail?)

2. For the Extroverts: Hit The Beach

GIG At Lake

We’re in the thick of summer in the US as I write this article. That means it’s time to hit the beach. Fill your cooler with hard seltzer, slip on some sandals, and bring your Gig waveside for the ultimate summer get together. The Gig XL is IPX4 Splashproof rated so it’s safe if a little surf and sand splash your gear.

PAIRS WELL WITH – charcoal grills, finding the perfect half-shaded spot under some nearby trees, and not fighting local seagulls

3. For the Introverts: Poolside Party

GIG Pool Party

Speaking of splashproof, the Gig XL is great for vibin’ at your next pool party. As much as we love a good public beach, sometimes they’re just too…people-y. Skip the crowds and throw a more intimate shindig with your closest pals with enough battery power to play music into the evening. And if another friend brings their Gig XL or Gig XXL along too, you can sync both up for true two-channel stereo sound – it’s like a duet, but for kick-ass speakers.

    PAIRS WELL WITH – plus ones that pass the vibe test, foam noodles, and a trail of towels laid out like a red carpet to/from the fridge for refills

    4. Party Plan Like A BOSS

    We believe in the simple pleasures in life. Good music, easy-to-use gear, and great friendships. Whether you’re hosting game night or a backyard birthday party for your dog, the Gigs make entertainment straight forward and memorable. Keep friends busy with karaoke competitions, dazzled by fun light shows, and groovin’ to your expertly curated playlist. These party speakers are so easy to use, you’ll have plenty of mental bandwidth left to keep the drinks flowing and snack bowl refilled.

    PAIRS WELL WITH – Cards Against Humanity showdowns, homemade charcuterie boards, and forgetting to buy enough ice to last the whole night (seriously…how do I always forget?!)

    5. Keep It Simple…Enjoy At Home

    The Gig XL and Gig XXL were meant to power big, bumpin’ parties and memorable occasions. But you know…sometimes you just need to keep it simple. These party speakers are fine-tuned by our engineers to sound great at any volume. Do a little solo karaoke (or serenade your cats) when the weather keeps you indoors or throw on bassy beats to inspire your next acrylic paint masterpiece.

    PAIRS WELL WITH – losing yourself for a while, TikTok time suck sessions, and being the type of OG that gets shit done

    In the end, the only thing you can’t do with a Gig XL or Gig XXL is have a bad time.