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The Klipsch Fives | The Most Versatile Powered Speakers on Earth

I remember the first time I heard My Bloody Valentine’s speaker-exploding track “Only Shallow.” At the age of 12, my skin crawled as the wall of sound blew through my parents’ analog, big-box television speakers. Even though their TV speakers weren't great, it didn't matter at that moment.

Whatever this was, it spoke to me. I was going to need more of it.

Imagine that feeling — a favorite song, a TV show, or movie, but not just through the speakers in your TV. What if that experience was so loud and clear you actually feel as though you’re IN the movie or recording studio?

The Klipsch Fives powered speakers will ignite your passions in an entirely new way.

Don’t worry — we’ll explain how by answering all of your questions.

Crafted with Klipsch founder Paul W. Klipsch’s (PWK) four sound principles in mind, The Fives powered speakers can bring your passion alive in a whole new way.

“The Fives are simply the most versatile speakers on Earth.”

Rob Standley, Klipsch Vice President of Product and Marketing

How do the Klipsch Fives Powered Speakers stand apart?

Standley says these groundbreaking, best-in-class powered speakers are several steps above other Klipsch powered monitors, including the R-51PMs.

“Most media is mastered for the right and left sides, similar to what you’d experience going to a movie theater or being in a recording studio setting,” Standley says. “The Fives offer an expanded, wall-to-wall soundstage — much wider than a soundbar.”

Like all Klipsch products, the Fives feature key internal systems crafted to enhance whatever you’re watching or listening to, including Reference Premiere 1” titanium tweeters mated to Tractrix® horns, a Klipsch proprietary technology known as the driving force behind our stunningly precise acoustics. Each powered monitor is outfitted with a 4.5” long-throw woofer and is ported to provide enhanced bass.

Standley says The Fives contain larger drivers when compared to other powered speakers on the market, creating a more dynamic sound for whatever you want to watch or listen to. He also says a major benefit is the HDMI ARC connectivity.

Wait, What is HDMI ARC and how does it work?

“The Fives are the first-ever powered monitor we’ve developed that features HDMI ARC for connectivity to your television,” says Klipsch Director of Program Management Andre LaRouche.

“ARC is a type of audio transmission directly linking your speaker output to your remote. It means a universal remote can be used instead of a handful of separate remotes,” explains Standley. “HDMI ARC sends audio in reverse, from a TV into an external speaker or soundbar, without having to attach a separate audio cable.“

ARC stands for “audio return channel” and it’s an exchange of data. Everything is being communicated digitally, including sound processing, back and forth.

“HDMI ARC is a must, whether you’re binging your favorite series or watching the big game,” Standley says.

What new technology allowed for The Fives to be HDMI-ARC compatible? Do they still piss off the neighbors?

“HDMI ARC is a technology we’ve implemented in our sound bars for years now –to give customers the ability to have that one cable/one remote experience in a true 2-channel hi-fi system,” says Senior Product Manager Michael Buratto. “And yes, they TOTALLY piss off the neighbors.”

Do the Klipsch Fives Powered Speakers have Bluetooth wireless connectivity?

We think the better question is, “what connection DON’T the Fives have?”

Standley explains you have numerous options beyond the HDMI ARC, which is just one aspect of what makes The Fives the best-powered speakers on Earth.

The Fives are also outfitted for:

  • Bluetooth wireless with AAC and Apt-X HD decoding
  • Phono/Line analog
  • 3.5MM analog mini-jack
  • Optical digital
  • USB digital

The Fives feature 192kHz/24-bit decoding for flawless reproduction of high-resolution audio tracks.

This means you can connect them to your smartphone, your tablet, your turntable, your TV, or your PC. Whatever you want to hear or watch is easily accessible and will come through crisper and clearer than you’ve ever imagined.

Do I need a subwoofer with the Klipsch Fives?

No. Standley says The Fives are mighty in their own right and deliver precise, clear, and highly efficient sound. “Dynamic volume is a first for Klipsch powered monitors,” Standley says. “What you get is powerful, impactful bass, no matter where the volume is set.”

But...if you do want a subwoofer to take your experience a step further, The Fives do have a subwoofer output.

Get our best tips for placing a subwoofer.


I have pretty big home theater space. Will 4 of these work and will I need to get a sub? Does it have sub output?

“These are really designed as a 2-channel system, with one speaker powered, it ties to a passive speaker with the included cable,” says Buratto. “Technically you could use more than two in a surround system, but you would need to send the analog out from a pre-processor to each speaker. They have a subwoofer out, and you can definitely add a sub...for music, you likely won’t need one – they play deep!”

Klipsch The Fives FIRMWARE — Is the firmware upgradeable and if so how does the customer do this?

“Yes it is,” Buratto explains. “There’s a USB drive on the powered speaker. Download the firmware from klipsch.com, dump it on the drive, plug the drive into the speakers and you’re done! They’ll accept and load the new firmware automatically.”

Why would I buy the Fives instead of a sound bar?

The Fives offer a more robust sound stage, for a true “high fidelity” experience, in the form of a dedicated left and right channel.

Built with mid-century modern design in mind, the Fives are crafted with luxury materials like real wood veneer and tactile switches and knobs set atop the speakers for easy control. The Fives will fit into your space, no matter the room size.

They are more than powered speakers - they are statement pieces.

The Fives are the most powerful, best-sounding monitors we’ve ever made.

Why settle for anything less?


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