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FAQ: Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless

The Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless speaker system is just about the most seamless, complete surround sound system available. It’s easy to setup, extremely flexible, and it sounds pretty damn great.

Of course, we know some of you may have questions about this brand-spankin' new technology, and we’re here to answer those questions. This is a new age for Klipsch and the audio industry as a whole, so we’re excited to guide you through the new paradigm that Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers have created.

Here’s our first crack at frequently asked questions for the Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers.

Where can I buy Reference Premiere HD Wireless?
Nebraska Furniture Mart
Sound Concepts
ABT Electronics
Huppins HiFi
Acoustic Sound Design
World Wide Stereo
Electronics Expo
Sound Connection
Primetime Audio Video

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Do you need an AV Receiver (AVR) with Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers?

No! Say goodbye to the days of clunky AVRs that weigh as much as medium-sized child with interfaces that were outdated back when President Clinton was in office. Instead, the Klipsch HD Control Center has all of the inputs you need for gaming systems, cable TV, streaming or whatever: 4x HDMI, Digital Optical, Digital Coaxial, Stereo RCA and Bluetooth®.

Simply put, it replaces the AVR and is necessary for any Reference Premiere HD Wireless system.

Also, each speaker has integrated electronics (amplification and processing), which are perfectly matched to extract every ounce of performance possible out of each driver. So, each driver in our speakers has its own amplifier. For example, the RP-440WF has five separate amplifier channels for its high-frequency driver and four woofers.

This eliminates the guesswork related to pairing the correct amp, which means they deliver ultimate performance and no more blown drivers! (Who doesn’t love that?)

Can I add the RP-440WF, RP-140WM or RP-440WC to my current passive home theater system?

No. You will need to use these speakers in conjunction with the Klipsch HD Control Center.

What is setup like for Reference Premiere HD Wireless?

Setup for Reference Premiere HD Wireless is a breeze. Once out of the box, it should take less than five minutes, even if you’re going with a 5.1 or 7.2 system. Watch our quick start guide to see just how easy it is - thanks to our proprietary Smart Speaker Selector.

Is Reference Premiere HD Wireless totally wireless (cable-free)?

Reference Premiere HD Wireless supports lossless wireless transmission of audio from the HD Control Center to the speakers. The speakers and the HD Control Center do require a power source.

Do I need to run speaker wire for my Reference Premiere HD Wireless system?

Nope. Simply plug each speaker into an available outlet, use the Smart Speaker selector on the speakers’ rear panel and follow a few simple on-screen instructions.

Reference Premiere HD Wireless Speaker Selector

How do the Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers know their positions?

Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers communicate with the HD Control Center through WiSA technology, which contains timing information that keeps all of the speakers in perfect sync. Klipsch’s proprietary Smart Speaker Selector provides a single-button solution on the rear of each speaker that seamlessly makes the connection to the HD Control Center without the need for speaker wire or a complicated A/V receiver.

What is WiSA technology?

Simply put, WiSA is the technology that allows Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers to communicate with each other wirelessly, ensuring high definition wireless audio.

How is WiSA different than other wireless audio technologies?

With the WiSA protocol, content is transmitted over the 5.0 gigahertz band. Most WiFi traffic in your home is operating at the crowded 2.4 gigahertz band, which is used by cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless internet hubs, microwaves, etc.

The WiSA network is constantly monitoring the channels available to it. Anytime the system sees a channel with less traffic than the one it’s on, it will seamlessly jump to the new channel. This allows for robust transmission of your content, eliminating dropouts.

Better sound quality. Better connection. No Bullshit.

Does the new WiSA standard enable transmission that sounds better than that of a CD? Explain the mechanism that makes this possible.

The WiSA network transmits lossless audio at rates up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution. It contains much more resolution than a typical CD at 48kHz/16-bit resolution. To preserve the quality of the source, we transmit the source material at its native rate all the way to the speaker. If the input is at 192kHz, we do a sample rate conversion to 96kHz.

How much of an audio delay is there?

Less than 5 milliseconds, which is inaudible to the human ear. This is superior to other wireless technologies.

Can I stream Bluetooth® from my phone, tablet or computer?

Yes, the HD Control Center supports high quality Bluetooth® streaming from enabled devices.

What surround modes does Reference Premiere HD Wireless support?

Currently, the HD Control Center supports the following surround modes for Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers:

  • Stereo
  • Direct
  • All-Channel Stereo
  • Dolby PLIIx Movie
  • Dolby PLIIx Music
  • Dolby PLIIx Game
  • DTS Neo:6 Cinema
  • DTS Neo:6 Music
  • Dolby EX

Are Reference Premiere HD Wireless Speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos?

Reference Premiere HD Wireless can play back Dolby Atmos content; however, it does not support elevation channels at this time. This is an addition we could make for version 2.0!

Reference Premiere HD Wireless Growth

What speaker system configurations can I set Reference Premiere HD Wireless up with?

One of the coolest things about Reference Premiere HD Wireless is that there are a ton of different options for the way you set up your system. You can start with a 2.0 bookshelf system and work your way up to a 7.2 system, complete with RP-440WF floorstanding speakers as your rears and surrounds.

Is my Reference Premiere HD Wireless system going to be outdated in a year?

No! We are offering FREE firmware upgrades for the life of the product. This way you can expand and grow your system in confidence, knowing that you are going to have the best sounding speakers on the block…heck, even the city.

Do you have more questions about Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers? Post them in the comments below and we’ll make sure to add them to the list!