In-Ceiling Speakers

Klipsch In-Ceiling Speakers stay out of your way and deliver the full range sound you desire.

Klipsch Professional 4000 Series In-Ceiling Speakers

The Klipsch Professional 4000 Series introduces a new line of high-performance architectural speakers unlike any you’ve heard before. Superior acoustic technology makes the Professional Series the most dynamic, powerful, direct-radiating speakers available.

Klipsch Professional 6000 Series In-Ceiling Speakers

The silk dome high frequency driver of the 6000 series offers all of the benefits of the titanium counterparts of the 4000 series with a noticeably smoother, more balanced sound reproduction, particularly in the upper vocal range of 2kHz – 8Khz. This results in a warm, natural, and lifelike sound while still displaying the exceptional dynamics and power inherent in a Klipsch speaker.

THX® Ultra2™ In-Ceiling Speakers

This extraordinary custom home theater series brings cinema-quality sound to the comforts of home by using Klipsch's renowned, professional-grade technology.

Reference Series In-Ceiling Speakers

Creating a benchmark in architectural audio excellence, the installer-friendly Reference Series architectural products deliver a level of realism and subtlety that surpasses and even intimidates competing designs.

Heard but not seen, our speakers will blend seamlessly into any environment without compromising the legendary Klipsch sound.