Quintet IV Home Theater System

Unfortunately, this system is no longer available on Klipsch.com.

Check out the latest version of this product, the HT 50 Home Theater System, here.


The legendary Klipsch Quintet home theater system has long been the standard for big sound from small speakers and has become Klipsch's best-selling surround sound system of all time. It's fourth-generation includes acoustic and aesthetic improvements, including XT MicroTractrix Horn technology, which allows these small speakers to deliver amazing detail, full-bodied sound and a wider soundstage than ever before.


        • Dynamic five-channel surround sound package
        • Integrated stand/wall-mount with innovative wire management for discreet on-wall installations
        • Exclusive XT MicroTractrix Horn offers greater detail and wider, more consistent dispersion
    Quintet IV home theater system

    Big Sound | Small System

    The Klipsch Quintet IV bundles four speakers and a center channel together. Two of the speakers serve as front left and right main channels, while the other two operate as rear surrounds. The magnetically shielded center channel delivers crisp dialogue and precise imaging.

    Quintet IV center channel back

    Easy Installation and Stylish

    Unlike similarly-priced systems, the Klipsch Quintet features high-quality five-way binding posts that accept heavy gauge wire, spade connectors or banana plugs.

    Regardless of where you put it, the system has a clean, modern appearance that blends nicely with any décor. It features a satin black finish and black cloth grilles—a color scheme that beautifully complements today’s HDTVs.

    Quintet installation drawing home theater


    The Quintet IV's versatile base acts as a stand or can be wall-mounted with easy installation and hidden-wire management. Each speaker incorporates a unique swiveling pedestal base that doubles as a wall bracket. The center channel can also be wall-mounted by fastening an optional wall bracket to its ¼-inch-20 threaded insert.


    Add more bass and boom to your Klipsch Quintet IV Home Theater System.

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