Ko Shero

Passion Fulfilled

You already know how crucial great-sounding audio is to life, whether you're at home or on the go. We get it. You're a "Keeper of the Sound," with a passion for amazing acoustic clarity. As our gift to you, we've rounded up our five-star products to enhance your daily listening pleasure. You're welcome.

"The sound is the best I have ever heard. I listen to music for hours every day. I tried several high-end headphones before I bought these. None compared to the Klipsch."

Musicman, Marion, IN

"I unpacked my 3 last night when I got home. My Bluetooth immediately found it and connected. Fired it up and it filled the room with sound. This thing actually throws a respectable soundstage. What was most pleasing was the articulation and detail. some of which I had not heard in many years since I had Apogee ribbons. Absolutely incredible value for the few dollars spent!"

Larry B, Holiday, FL

"I just want to say that these beauties put a smile so big on my face that it hurt. They are amazing."

Craoul, Timisoara, Romania

"I have been very pleased with every Klipsch product I have ever owned, these are no exception."

CrackAttack, West Virginia

"The sub plays perfectly with my other speakers. Bass is rich and tight! I highly recommend this speaker!"

Steeljo, Guelph, Ontario

"Great sound, sturdy construction and super comfortable. What more could you ask for?"

RW09, Dallas, TX

"I am a music producer and spend hours a day listening to music. These earphones offer the best quality sound I have ever heard from earphones/headphones, they are comfortable and relatively rugged."

Yes, London, U.K.

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