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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Isaiah Johnson. I am the new Social Media Specialist at Klipsch. I first started my career in social media in 2011 where I created a blog that showcased fashion, graphic design and photography. Within 1 year, the number of followers I gained reached records that were unimaginable. I would wonder, “What makes me so different from another blogger?”. I then realized that my honesty and non-judgmental platform introduced a certain amount of trust between my followers and myself. I have had the honor of working with leading brands including but not limited to H&M, Johnston & Murphy, ASOS, Men’s Health and several other outstanding brands. Fast forward to 2017, I now have several social media platforms that have established 18,000+ followers and counting. My keen eye for photography and mixture of streetwear/menswear fashion lead me to a very strong passion for being a public figure that plays an important role in staying up to date on the latest trends. Over the years, I have learned so much about the industry and now being a member of the Klipsch family is an opportunity of a lifetime. I plan to use my artistic views at Klipsch to document how I see the world through music, fashion and all other things creative,” said Johnson. “I am excited for others to follow me on Klipsch social media through this journey

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