Klipsch speakers in a living room with tv and cats

Klipsch Home Theater Setup Story: Max Kueter

Are you a music lover or a home theater aficionado?

Well, I bought my first speakers to listen to music. After a while, I decided to buy a full 5.1 setup from Onkyo to watch movies as well. But the speakers I had were small and low quality. That’s when I first purchased Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-260F's to listen to music at a higher level of quality. Now my total speaker setup is Klipsch!

Tell us about your first experience hearing Klipsch speakers.

It was quite a memorable experience! A good friend of mine had the Klipsch Reference RF-3 II and I enjoyed them immensely. The brightness of the music was intense, and the bass was deep.

How did you build out your Klipsch home theater system? What do you like most about it?

I am a huge bass head, so the most important thing for me were the SUBS! I bought the RP-260Fs and RP-440C, and then the subs. My neighbors are always pissed! Luckily for them, I purchased a new detached house, so when we enter our new home I’m going to buy two Reference Premiere RP-280’s and place the RP-260’s in the rear. I would like to buy Dolby Atmos in-ceiling speakers. All of these speakers are in my living room, which is also my home theater.

Is there a spouse or roommate in the picture? What do they think?

You can spot Kaipo and Teddy in the photo. Kaipo is on top of the speaker. He's not afraid of anything and just chills when we listen to music or watch a movie. When we watch a movie, he likes to sit on the center speaker, of course. And then there's Teddy, and he is a bit of a pussy! These are my girlfriend’s cats. You can follow them on Instagram @kaipocat_teddyrose. My girlfriend doesn’t think they like the speakers, but I wanted the speakers, so she got her cats.

When a guest listens to your Klipsch speakers, how do you want them to feel?

I like to shock them with the subs. It’s cool to show them a war movie where mortar explodes. You can feel the seats shaking. And they think I’m an idiot ;)

What do you suspect the neighbors think?

Well, I already know what they think. They don’t like my subwoofers. One day a neighbor was ringing the doorbell because all the paintings fell off the wall. Personally, I think he needs to use bigger nails.

Saturday rolls around and it's just you and your Klipsch home theater system. What do you do? What do you play?

I am a big music lover and listen to a wide range of music. I prefer to play loud music with a crate of beer or a bottle of whiskey.

So, what's next in your Klipsch system? Any items you've been eyeing?

I would like to buy the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-280F's to replace the front speakers. Then I can use the RP-260F's as surrounds. I would like to buy the SLM-3400-C in-ceiling speakers in my new house. I installed all the piping in the walls and the ceiling has been pre-cut for the speakers.

Please list the components in your system and the furniture. Everyone is raving about the coffee table.

That’s awesome! Our interior is totally industrial. I made the cabinet under the TV myself. It’s a locker cabinet from Ikea. I smashed it with a hammer, tread it with a band sand grinder, and painted it with special rust paint. The holes on the right door are placed where the IR receiver of the components sit. I don’t use it anymore because I have the Logitech Harmony Hub, and Amazon Alexa.

The coffee table was purchased at a special industrial interior shop called Oldwood (www.oldwood.nl). They import industrial tables, lamps, lockers, etc. from old factories. It’s one of the coolest things in our house.

My setup: Onkyo Receiver TX-810RZ, Samsung 65'' TV JU6000, Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-260F Front Speakers, (280's in future), Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440C Center Speaker, Klipsch Reference R-115SW Subwoofers, Onkyo SKR-338 Rear Speakers.


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