Somberg monday showcase klipsch home theater in living room


“I went to a HiFi store and listened to them. At that exact moment, I fell in love with those Klipsch speakers.”

Thomas Somberg

Imagine retiring to your living room for the evening after a busy day at the office, whether it’s in-person or in your home. Either way, you’re spent and just want to relax.

You turn on a favorite song or a movie that always cheers you up. It just hits differently coming through the speakers of your Klipsch 5.1 home theater system.

For 31-year-old Thomas Somberg, this is a reality. Thomas recently won the #MondayShowcase feature award for his dynamite set-up. We caught up with Thomas to talk about his powerhouse home theater system.

His set-up consists of the following speakers:

Klipsch RF-62 II (Fronts)
Klipsch RC-62 II (Center)
Klipsch R-51M (Rears)
Klipsch R-12SW (Subwoofer)
Onkyo TX-818NR (AV Receiver)

“I have had the RF-62 II floorstanding speakers for a few years, “ says Somberg. “The other ones I collected over time.”

Initial Klipsch Impressions: “Love at First Listen”

Somberg came to Klipsch while doing what many audiophiles do - product research. ”I was looking for high-quality speakers for my setup. Clear highs, a lot of dynamic,s and a clear kick bass were important to me,” he says. “The RF-62 MK II speakers were recommended to me. So, I went to a HiFi store and listened to them. At that exact moment, I fell in love with those Klipsch speakers. So I bought them immediately. Since then, my love for the brand Klipsch has only grown and I formed my set-up over time. The result of that you can now see in my living room.”

Somberg says he hopes to upgrade to the RP-8000F speakers down the road. “They are just beautiful, but unfortunately, I have not had the chance to listen to them just yet,” he says.

Somberg recently purchased the R-51M bookshelf speakers to help round out his system.

“Before that I only had small JBL ones. But, I wasn't happy with the way they looked nor the way they sounded. So, it was time for a change,” he says. “With the R-51M bookshelf speakers, I feel like my set-up is finally complete. I was honestly surprised how much of a difference those new rear speakers made. It feels like you're standing in the middle of the music just like at a live concert. Watching movies with my set-up makes you feel like you're part of it all. It is just so much fun to listen to stuff on my set-up.”

What’s your favorite music to listen to using your Klipsch home theater system?

Somberg says his tastes vary. “I'm a big fan of techno. I even mix some music together myself from time to time. But I also really enjoy classical music as well as rock.”

He does have ONE TRACK, in particular, that sounds out of this world on his Klipsch home theater system. “Phil Collins' ‘In The Air Tonight’ is a real highlight to listen to on my set-up. You can't help but get goosebumps from it,” he says. “So energetic and powerful.”

If the songs you enjoyed at live shows aren’t giving you goosebumps now, perhaps it’s time you thought about Klipsch as well.

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