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Introducing the “Out Loud” Music Series

What Does “Out Loud” Mean to You?

It’s been more than a year since I saw live music. I remember it so clearly, as two of my Klipsch coworkers were playing at a historic punk bar in Indianapolis on a snowy Saturday night in February.

It’s fair to say everyone misses the live music experience. That’s why Klipsch is so pumped to bring you, “Out Loud,” a new online music series featuring talented up-and-coming musicians. “We wanted to find a way to tie the live music experience, our local retailer partners, and giving back to local communities together,” says Premium Audio Company VP of Global Brand Communications Jill Escol. “The ‘Out Loud’ music series does just that. We’re finding talented artists in cities where music lovers can help support local businesses, their favorite electronics stores, and independent music venues to #SaveOurStages.”

How Can I Watch?

The next episode premieres on April 8, Escol says you have a couple of options - the Klipsch YouTube page or on the “Out Loud” page.

The second featured act is New York-based Blu DeTiger. DeTiger started playing bass at age seven and is renowned for her combination of disco-funk DJ sets interspersed with live bass. At just 21 years old, she’s been writing and producing music for most of her life.

What Can We Expect from “Out Loud?”

“It’s our hope to bring a new and diverse mix of truly talented artists to the forefront,” says Escol. “We want to connect with musicians that value the best sound possible and also help people discover the power, detail, and emotion of the live music experience that only Klipsch can deliver.”

“So many artists have been creating music during this time at home and are excited to share it with the world,” says Escol. “Klipsch Senior Product Manager Michael Buratto will host the ‘Out Loud’ music series and talk about the artists’ creative processes, the value of great audio, and their inspirations. We’ll also be treated to a live performance by each artist.”

How Does Klipsch Make Music Sound Better?

“Even though we can’t be together at concerts right now, we still are able to unite people through the power of music,” Escol explains. “Klipsch was founded on the principle of reproducing a live music experience in your home. And we have been delivering on this promise for 75 years.”

Each episode will also offer a chance to donate to the National Independent Venue Association’s #SaveOurStages initiative. With live music venues being closed or severely limited in their capacity as a result of the pandemic, it takes all of us to pitch in and keep these locally-owned businesses alive.