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Defining the Klipsch Sound

How do you define Klipsch sound? Crisp highs, deep bass and a full, encompassing sound? That’s a good start, but it doesn’t completely answer the question.

Mark Casavant, Sr. VP of Global Product Development at Klipsch, was asked to define Klipsch sound. Here’s what he said:

“In a few words, Klipsch sound is akin to the live concert experience – powerful, detailed and emotional. Klipsch sound is easy to recognize by the everyday music listener to the ardent audiophile. It is best heard in a stereo, 2-channel HiFi system for playing music.

Klipsch sound is moving. It involves the listener quickly into the musical performance and is unique in that it seems to breathe with the life of the original live performance. This has a lot to do with the speaker’s ability to effortlessly reproduce sound levels of a live concert. It’s also due to the fact that Klipsch speakers don’t have to work very hard, as high efficiency design is a core Klipsch design attribute. Instruments are easy to “visualize” and vocalists seem to be in the room with you. This is a rare thing and passionate music lovers will go to great lengths to faithfully reproduce the quality of sound that brings the emotion into their favorite piece of music.

I often attend jazz-fusion performances at a local jazz club called the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis, IN. I am proud to call the owner a friend. Many years ago we outfitted the club with a strong and natural sounding Klipsch professional sound system. I have been fortunate to attend many concerts performed by some of my favorite musicians, drummers in particular. Being in such close proximity to the instruments is a rare thing. You can literally feel the power and impact in your chest. These master drummers surround themselves with other master musicians, so it is always a treat to witness such musical talent.

Klipsch strives to bring the live music experience in your home and on the go. Check out some live performances from Sun King Studio 92 Powered by Klipsch Audio.
Klipsch strives to bring the live music experience in your home and on the go. Check out some live performances from Sun King Studio 92 Powered by Klipsch Audio.

After hearing these great bands live, I use the tracks from their CDs as demo material, simply because I know well how it sounded live. It is powerful, fun music to listen to it and serves the purpose of showing off Klipsch speakers at training, media or trade show events. That’s what it’s all about - having fun doing something you love. And most everyone loves great music!

Audio reproduction is both art and science. So much passion goes into music, its composition, performance and recording. We at Klipsch feel we must meet this passion with our fine speaker designs. The founder of the company, Paul W. Klipsch was motivated by the same passion as a music lover. He attended many live classical performances and sought to bring it into his home with the invention of the legendary and powerful Klipschorn. We have the same goal today, to bring the power, detail and emotion of the live performance home and that is, in essence, Klipsch sound.

Do you agree with Casavant’s definition of the Klipsch sound? How would you define Klipsch sound? What is your favorite live performance to listen to? Let us know below!