Synergy Black Label Sub-100 Subwoofer Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished


The ultimate subwoofer for the serious audiophile is here. An updated grille, along with the black and copper accents you’ve come to identify as the Klipsch trademark colors, creates a sleek, sophisticated look for this dynamic sub. Place it anywhere in your home and prepare for bone-rattling bass.

Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products have been tested, inspected, and approved for sale by a Klipsch quality assurance professional. All Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished audio products pass the same strict performance standards as our brand-new products and carry little or no blemishes or imperfections.

All Klipsch® Certified Factory-Refurbished products come backed with our standard Limited Warranty and Free 90-Day Return Guarantee.


  • Klipsch® Certified Factory Refurbished
  • Klipsch Limited Warranty + Free 90-Day Return Guarantee
  • IMG woofers
  • 10-inch, front-firing driver
  • 150 watts continuous, 300 watts of dynamic power
  • Black and copper accents for a sleek, sophisticated look
  • Front-mounted LED power indicator
  • 1/2 Watt standby mode for easy on and off
Synergy Black Label Lifestyle Klipsch


The Klipsch Synergy Black Label Series is an amazing value in high-performance entertainment.

Klipsch Synergy Black Label bookshelf kitchen


Not only does the Klipsch Synergy Black Label Series offer high-efficiency and world-class sound, but the components’ sleek black ash vinyl finish also complements any home decor.

Synergy Black Label Lifestyle


Synergy Black Label floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers, and center channel speakers feature Klipsch proprietary Tractrix® horn technology, which provides a uniform, 90 x 90 dispersion pattern and allow for placement just about anywhere.

Synergy black label tech klipsch


Synergy Black Label speakers are designed to give you an amazing sound stage with the latest technology inside these sleek speaker components:

  • ALUMINUM DIAPHRAGM COMPRESSION DRIVER (TWEETER): Produces crystal-clear high frequencies
  • LINEAR TRAVEL SUSPENSION: Minimizes distortion
  • IMG WOOFERS: Create tight musical bass