KHC-6 In-Ceiling Speaker

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With its best-of-class design and high-performance components the Synergy Series KHC-6 in-ceiling loudspeaker proves that architectural sound doesn't have to mean compromised sound.

  • 6.5-inch IMG-cone woofer
  • 1-inch aluminum-dome compression driver tweeter
  • 100º Klipsch Tractrix® Horn
  • Paintable white frame and rustproof powder-coated aluminum grille

Constructed on a rigid low-resonance cast-polymer frame the two-way KHC-6 delivers notably robust bass from its 6.5-inch IMG-cone woofer. Its coaxially mounted 1-inch aluminum-dome compression driver tweeter is mated to a 100º Klipsch Tractrix® Horn that can be swiveled to focus the sound where needed. A tweeter attenuation switch conveniently placed behind the grille provides another tool for tailoring the speaker's output to the acoustics of the environment.

And while the KHC looks very different its drivers sonically match the freestanding models in the Synergy Series line producing the same wide dynamic low distortion performances.

The KHC's white frame and rustproof powder-coated aluminum grille can be painted to match the ceiling. Mid-sized among the in-ceiling models the versatile easy-to-install KHC-6 is an excellent choice for distributed-music systems and other applications requiring unobtrusive high-quality loudspeakers.

Great sound easy installation and outstanding reliability make the KHC-6 one of the best values in architectural audio.