Klipsch Audio Technologies is a privately held global corporation with worldwide corporate headquarters in Indianapolis and manufacturing facilities in Hope, Ark. and Orange, Calif.


Klipsch Audio Technologies makes and markets premium consumer and professional loudspeakers under the Klipsch brand name, and high-end electronics under the Mondial Designs, Acurus and Aragon brand names.


As the number one specialty audio, retail loudspeaker brand in the U.S., Klipsch Audio Technologies manufactures and markets high-quality audio and home theater loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers and processors that follow the company's "Best of Class" market strategy.


Currently the largest supplier of professional loudspeakers to the world's largest cinema operator, Klipsch professional cinema speaker systems are installed at some of the world's most famous entertainment facilities.

Installations include: Hard Rock Cafe, London and dozens of Hard Rock Cafe properties around the world; Radio City Music Hall, New York; The Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia; Tokyo Disneyland Maihama 16, Tokyo; NCAA Hall of Champions, Indianapolis.

Klipsch also is a leading manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers for the professional sound contracting industry.


Established with the launch of the ProMedia™ v.2-400, Klipsch's Personal Audio Division has been praised by the electronic entertainment industry for its groundbreaking, market-leading design. Klipsch will introduce several new personal audio products during the year 2000.


Klipsch is the only manufacturer in the world to have carried THX®-Certification on products in three categories - professional cinema, home theater and multimedia.

Klipsch's ProMedia v.2-400 is the most powerful computer audio system on the market and has received a coveted 2000 World Class Award from PC World Magazine.

The Klipsch ProMedia™ v.2-400 was the first computer speaker system ever to be THX®-Certified.