Finnish apartment with Klipsch Jamo speakers around a TV with area rugs


Finland is known for being the, “Happiest Country in the World.” Lauded for having the best education systems and the cleanest air in the world, Finland is home to close to 188,000 lakes.

It is also home to interior design whiz and audiophile Mette Karjalainen. Mette lives in Tampere, the third-largest metropolitan area in the country. A recent “Monday Showcase” winner, we sat down with Mette to chat about her set-up.

So, tell me about your Klipsch set-up.

Mette: I currently have the Klipsch RP-8000Fs (in walnut, which is perfect) for main speakers. I have the RP-500C (also in walnut) for the center. For my surround speakers, I have the Jamo S809 floorstanding speakers and on top of them are up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers. Currently I'm without a sub and am still looking to get one soon. So my system is 5.2.0.

RP-8000F Floorstanding Speakers
RP-500C Center Channel Speakers
Jamo S809 Floorstanding Speakers
Jamo S8 ATM Atmos Speaker

Why’d you choose Klipsch and Jamo?

Mette: "Wow, I need those someday," was my reaction when I first saw the copper! That was when I was just starting this audiophile and interior design journey. My first set was from Sony, then upgraded to Jamo, and finally to Klipsch. I’ve had these for almost a year.

First time thoughts upon hearing your Klipsch set-up?

Mette: The sound is awesome and bright, like Klipsch should be. I love that, even when you listen in low volumes, you can still hear the details. The RP-8000Fs also have awesome bass, so sometimes I forget that I don't even have a sub. Also cool is how little power they need to drive them!

“I remember when I got these, and tested them. Everything popped out. I could hear all the details much better. Just pure awesomeness!”


Favorite things to watch or listen to on your Klipsch system?

Mette: I love to listen to Hans Zimmer's, "Now We Are Free,” which is from one of my favorites movies, “Gladiator.” I also love “The Untouchables.” I have also been enjoying listening to saxophone jazz music. It's like it was made for the Klipsch!

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