Speaker Amplifiers

To get the most out of your high quality speakers you’re going to want to provide them with the best possible amplification. While audio video receivers will give you lots of great features, they won’t provide the sheer power that a standalone amplifier can. By dedicating all the available space inside the chassis to amplification, and a power supply big enough to handle it all, you won’t have to compromise a bit when it comes to giving your speakers the right amount of power

While all speakers need power, you still need the right amp for the right application. Whatever speakers you need to power, Klipsch has the amplifier for the application. From residential or commercial, multi zone audio to THX Ultra2 certified surround sound, to professional level audio systems, Klipsch power amps will provide all the power you need for any system.

Many Klipsch amplifiers are designed specifically with Klipsch speakers in mind. While most amplifiers have to make allowances because they don’t know what speakers will be used, Klipsch amps are designed to give Klipsch speakers everything they need to perform at the optimum efficiency. You know you’re getting the most out of your speakers when using Klipsch amplifiers.