T5 True Wireless Earphones with Custom Case Engraving

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*Due to the custom nature of this product, this product is designated as non-returnable.

Your playlist is as unique as you are. Your Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphone case should be as well. Whether it's for you or someone you love, you can now get the ultimate combination of comfort, design, efficiency, and legendary acoustic clarity with a personalized carrying case.


Patented oval ear tips for ultimate comfort and an excellent seal for noise isolation

Legendary Klipsch sound - detailed and dynamic

No wires, 4 mics, digital assistant of your choice, 8-hour battery, and 24-hour battery with charging case


T5 Custom Text Engraving Character Limits


  • To get started, simply fill out the form above with what you want
  • Note: character limits are 100 total for the top of the case and 25 for the front of the case
  • Words will be engraved in all caps
  • Some special characters will not work
  • We will resize your request to get the perfect fit for the lettering on the case
T5 True Wireless Engraving Top THIN


  • Once we receive your order, our in-house, custom fabrication team will get to work right away on engraving your T5 True Wireless case
  • We'll ship it your way as soon we can
  • Don't forget to share a picture of your cool, custom case on social media with the hashtag #Klipsch.

“With retro styling, a comfortable fit, great battery life, and top-tier sound, we’re basically convinced the T5 will be a formidable competitor to industry leaders like the AirPods and PowerBeats Pro, and we expect many people will be as taken with them as we already are.”

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Young man wearing Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones leaning on a tree


Klipsch earphones offer three key advantages for ultimate comfort:

  • Rooted in decades of research, Klipsch earphones include patented oval ear tips in several sizes for a perfect seal, excellent bass, noise isolation and lasting comfort
  • Klipsch offers the smallest nozzle and housing for a comfortable fit with minimal fatigue
  • T5 TRUE WIRELESS Earphones rotate a full 360° depending on a user’s fit


Long-haired man listening to T5 True Wireless earphones in a recording studio


Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones go beyond top-notch comfort.

Outfitted with the latest Bluetooth® 5 technology and combined with aptX and AAC high-quality conversion technology, the signal is as good as wired with no delay during music or video playback.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless case in a hand


The T5 True Wireless earphones include a USB-C formatted, fast-charging case that provides more than two hours of listening time after just 15 minutes.

Featuring 4 mics with clear voice chat, and an instant connection to Siri®, Google Voice Assistant™, Alexa * or any digital assistant you choose will make your day run smoother than ever before.

Finally, T5 True Wireless Earphones are water-resistant, meaning Mother Nature will not interrupt your day or your music.

*operating system dependent

T5 Line Legendary Sound Icon

Legendary Klipsch Sound

T5 Line 8 24 Hour Battery Icon

Long-Lasting Battery

T5 Line Cv C Mic And Static Free Mic Icon

Clear-Call Microphone

T5 Line Digital Assistant Icon

Connect to Your Digital Assistant

Use Siri®, Google Voice Assistant™, or any digital assistant you choose

T5 Line Sweat Resistant Icon

Sweat-Resistant Ear Tips

T5 Line Oval Ear Tips Icon

Ultra-Comfortable Oval Ear Tips

T5 Line Wireless Icon

Completely Wireless

Bald woman doing yoga wearing Klipsch T5 True Wireless earphones

Klipsch T5 True Wireless FAQ Videos

Get your T5 True Wireless questions answered here.


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