Product Lines

A Single Focus, Many Markets

The Klipsch mission is to be the leader in all categories in which it competes:

In the Home
On the Go

In The Home

From satellites to floorstanders, computer to architectural, every Klipsch speaker delivers dynamic performances with unmatched precision. Regardless of what Klipsch product line you choose from, you’re hearing the result of over 65 years of class-leading research and development experience.


Offering the highest level of perfection in every respect, the Palladium Series is the pinnacle of modern-day horn-loaded technology and craftsmanship. Taking the “live” music concept into a new realm, this high-end seven-model lineup utilizes new materials, transducer advances, proprietary technologies as well as exotic styling to create a luxurious balance of performance and lifestyle. Conceptualized as the ultimate global expression of Klipsch, this carefully planned and executed flagship series brought in design and engineering teams from around the world. Top professionals from Indianapolis, Indiana; Los Angeles, California; Hope, Arkansas; Munich, Germany; Guangzhou, China; and Shenzhen, China participated in bringing this remarkable vision to fruition.

THX® Ultra2™

This extraordinary custom home theater series brings real cinema sound to the comforts of home by using the same professional-grade technology as Klipsch’s renowned professional cinema systems. Because they expertly deliver the raw explosiveness and fine detail of any film format, our THX Ultra2 products will shatter your expectations for home theater performance.


Since 1999, the Reference Series has been a force to be reckoned with, setting the benchmark for industry comparison and becoming the embodiment of the legendary Klipsch sound. Klipsch Reference products combine high-end materials, handcrafted precision and innovative technology to create an unforgettable listening experience.

The same advanced acoustic engineering, inspired industrial design and quality of materials permeate our Reference home speakers, subwoofers and soundbars.

Reference "In the Home" Lines include:

Reference Premiere
Reference II
Reference Soundbars
Reference Subwoofers

Klipsch Music Centers - wireless personal music systems

Klipsch speakers have always possessed a unique ability, with their unparalleled efficiency, low distortion and wide dynamic range, to reproduce sound that recreates the emotions experienced while listening to live music. Now, the strong partnership between Klipsch and Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s leading live entertainment company, has inspired a line of dynamic, wireless music systems named after The Klipsch Music Center.

Models include:

Klipsch Stadium™ - a tabletop 2.1 system which ensures the convenience of portable music storage is accompanied only by high-performance audio. Showcasing a brushed-aluminum finish, the high-design product harmonizes with any size and style living arrangement.
KMC 3 - a portable wireless music system with built-in subwoofer with Bluetooth® wireless technology for streaming from smartphones, portable music players and computers delivering 130 watts of digital system power.
KMC 1 - a smaller version of the KMC 3 with long-life rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery power delivering 40 watts of peak system power.
GiG - the ultimate portable music system small enough to fit into a briefcase, a backpack, or even the palm of your hand with a built-in, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery providing an industry-best 12 hours play time.

Klipsch Gallery®

These sonic masterpieces align flat with your screen and deliver sound that’s anything but. Though slim and lightweight, the Klipsch Gallery Series still packs a deep, horn-loaded sound experience. After all, it is from Klipsch.


The vintage Klipschorn (the only speaker to be in continuous production for over six decades), La Scala, Cornwall and Heresy are among the most revered and highly acclaimed loudspeakers in the history of high fidelity audio. Driven by a love of music and desire to hear an “orchestra” in his home, audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch revolutionized the way the world listened to recorded music when he began building his Heritage line of speakers in 1946. For the first time ever, people were able to experience the power, detail and emotion of a live performance at home. Assembled by hand from start to finish by skilled craftsmen in Hope, Arkansas, where the Klipsch legacy began, the Heritage Series is a testament to high-performance audio that has stood the test of time.

HD Theater

A high-definition picture demands high-definition sound, and these compact, easy to set up 5.1, soundbar and soundbase speaker packages make it an affordable reality. We've taken decades of research and development experience to value engineer these systems, while staying true to our audiophile heritage. They utilize durable, high-quality components and include the same horn-loaded technology that has made us an industry leader for over 65 years.


Established with the launch of its ProMedia® v.2-400 (the first computer speaker in the world to be THX-certified) in 1999, Klipsch’s multimedia audio division has been praised by the electronic entertainment industry for its groundbreaking, market-leading designs and received countless high-profile awards.

Custom Installation/Architectural

Klipsch has a wide variety of architectural offerings to better serve the residential contracting market. Whether for home theater or stereo music applications, our easy-to-install in-wall, in-ceiling and outdoor speaker users enjoy design-friendly, reference-quality sound with zero compromises. Outfitted with extremely slim, low-profile magnetic grilles, our architectural speakers are able to produce maximum sound performance from a subtle, unobtrusive product.

On the Go - Headphones/Wireless Music Systems



Unlike traditional, circular-shaped ear tips that put stress on the pressure points inside your ear, each Klipsch in-ear headphone utilizes patented oval ear tips that naturally fit the shape of your ear canals, making them virtually impossible to feel. Plus, these exclusive tips produce a perfect acoustic seal, which minimize outside noise so you can enjoy your music at lower, safer volumes. Only Klipsch has them!

Our award-winning headphones, which launched in 2007, transcend the boundaries of in-ear headphones and headset design, offering unequaled comfort, superior noise isolation, musical accuracy and enhanced bass at any given price point.

X Series Headphones
Our award-winning X Series headphones launched in 2013. Available in premium, super premium and ultra premium models, the Klipsch X series are the lightest, best sounding and most comfortable in-ear headphones you can buy. Period.

Reference Monitors
Infused with more than 65 years of audio expertise, our latest Reference headphones launched in 2014 deliver acclaimed acoustics coupled with unrivaled comfort.

Rich with heritage, the same advanced acoustic engineering and industrial design from our legendary Reference home theater speakers provide the performance, voice and design for the Reference R6 and R6i monitors. They are engineered for pure performance and designed to be the best sounding most comfortable headphones on Earth and the embodiment of legendary Klipsch sound.

S Series Headphones
Specifically engineered in 2013 for mobile devices, the Klipsch S3m headphones offer the same renowned sound, comfort and functionality whether you are an Apple®, Android™, Windows® or BlackBerry® user. This is the ultimate hassle-free headphone thanks to a nifty single-button remote and mic which gives you total control of both your playlist and phone calls on virtually all of your mobile devices.

On-Ear Headphones
Granting a similar sound experience to on-ear enthusiasts are the Image ONE and Image ONE Bluetooth®, and for over-ear fans, the Klipsch STATUS™. Employing state-of-the-art technology inside plushly-lined memory foam ear cups, everyone now has a Klipsch headphone to call their own.

Klipsch Music Centers - wireless portable music systems

Also categorized as In the Home, a few of the KMC models double as portable music systems for great sound anytime, anywhere.

KMC 1 - a smaller version of the KMC 3 with long-life rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery power delivering 40 watts of peak system power.
GiG - the ultimate portable music system small enough to fit into a briefcase, a backpack, or even the palm of your hand with a built-in, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery providing an industry-best 12 hours play time.

Pro/Commercial Speakers

Many of the world's most recognized brands use our high-performance commercial speakers to create unique, memorable experiences for their customers.

Professional Cinema

If you've been to the movies in the last 30 years, chances are you’ve enjoyed Klipsch professional cinema sound. The world’s largest cinema chains, including Regal Cinemas and Malco Theatres, turn to us to provide the power, detail and emotion of today’s complex film soundtracks. In fact, 50 percent of all new theaters in North and South America, as well as Korea and Australasia install Klipsch products.

Distributed Audio

As the premium commercial audio brand distributed by Muzak, Klipsch speakers have been featured in hundreds of high-profile installations including the Ron Jon Surf Shop in Orlando, the Cold Stone Creamery in Times Square, the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in Manhattan and the Granite Mountain Harley Davidson dealership in Georgia.

Permanent Installation

Ideal for clubs, theaters, auditoriums, churches and performance halls, these impressive speakers ensure resonance-free response and long-term reliability.