Palladium Series

It's born with an unfair advantage. It's a Klipsch.

In 1946, a ballistics expert turned his attention to faithful sound reproduction and invented the Klipschorn. When he did, Paul W. Klipsch laid the groundwork for what would become the pinnacle in listening. Today, Palladium stands as the rightful heir to the Klipsch throne.

Proceed With Reverence.

An industry-redefining project of this magnitude begins with a vision - not a budget. That's why it took nearly a decade to actualize. A decade of late nights, extra pots of coffee and an obsession over each and every detail imaginable.

A single glance speaks volumes about the series. But sealed outside of the zebrawood casing is the sweat that went into conceiving, engineering and building Palladium.

The speed of flawless is about 60 years.

Every Moment Is Defining.

Proper placement is important. But it just so happens that wherever these marvels stand will become a focal point. From the P-37F to the P-38F to the imposing P-39F, the unique boat-tail design boldly showcases the power, detail and emotion that pours out every opening and immediately mesmerizes anyone who encounters the speaker.

Select from three furniture-grade, exotic zebra-grain Linea veneer finishes: dark sophisticated espresso; rich, vibrant merlot; or clean, contemporary natural.

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The Best Venues Are The Ones Nobody Knows About.

The passion and attention to detail that go into each floorstander spill over to the P-17B bookshelf speaker. It showcases the same dual horn arrangement -- one horn for high-frequency response and one for midrange.

It also displays the same contemporary silhouette and immerses itself in the room as much as it pulls you into the sound -- ensuring that compromise is never an option with Palladium.

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Close Your Eyes And Watch.

The P-27C center channel speaker delivers dialogue as flawlessly as any leading actor. But the spaces between the words are just as important. And it's all delivered through the signature Palladium design. Not to mention the dual horns flanked by 7-inch woofer cones. The edge of your seat better be comfortable.

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Featuring a dark smoked nickel satin finish and zebra-grain end caps, the P-27S surround sound speaker offers a slim profile and an even slimmer chance of going unnoticed.

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There To Pick Up The Beats Your Heart Skips.

The high-end of the bottom-end has arrived. The P-312W subwoofer emanates tight, undistored bass reflex via dual side-firing passive radiators. It transmits power, detail and emotion through the floor joists to the foundation of your soul.

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Passion In, Passion Out

Palladium is built on the collective expertise of a global network of partners. From our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, we went to the corners of the Earth in our quest for the perfect speaker Design consultants in Munich and Los Angeles, manufacturing partners in Dongguan and Shenzhen, China and build specialists at our original Klipsch factory in Hope Arkansas, all collaborated on this masterpiece.

Innovation doesn’t come easy.

Unlike other high-end audio speakers that rely on off-the-shell driver systems, we opted to build every Palladium driver the ground up. But the ingenuity didn’t stop there. Each Palladium LCR comes complete with revolutionary carbon-infused thermoset composite material and an unprecedented dual horn arrangement. Inside the proprietary tweeter assembly, a uniquely chambered phase plug Tractrix horn combination delivers extended high frequency response. A second 90° x 60° acoustically dampened Tractrix horn is coupled to the midrange driver for optimal performance over midrange frequencies.

Strategically placed neodymium magnets inside the titanium diaphragm tweeter and midrange are also used to increase efficiency, maintain dynamic range and drive power, detail and emotion.

Consider the ante upped.

Featuring no parallel walls and an extensive internal bracing system, the Palladium speaker's side panels combine with an angled top panel and a steel-reinforced front baffle to ensure minimal cabinet resonance and maximum acoustic performance. But rest assured, there's plenty of style to go with all that substance.

The show-stopping design was born out of a unique partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA. Drawing from experience in premium automotive, transportation and product design and factoring in modern home interior and furniture trends, they were able to create a true signature look that flawlessly blends classic Klipsch audio with a clean, contemporary sensibility that enhances any living space.

In the end, Palladium stands as a testament to audio perfection.