Pro Series Iw

Best In-Wall Speaker - Professional Series

Using the same technology and materials of the highly-acclaimed Reference and Reference Premiere box speaker line, the Klipsch Professional Series perfectly combines the aesthetics of an architectural speaker pure performance and dynamic voicing.

Reference Premiere

Featuring Cerametallic woofers and Titanium Dome Tweeter mated to a composite coated round Tractrix® horn, and leveraging the SecureFit™ Installation System, the Professional Series Reference Premiere speakers bring dynamic, powerful, detailed Reference Premiere sound to your distributed audio or home theater system.

PRO-180RPW angled
PRO-160RPW in-wall speaker


Featuring Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) Woofers, Aluminum Dome ABS Tractrix® Horn-Loaded Tweeters, Controlled Dispersion Technology, and the SecureFit™ Installation System, the Klipsch Professional Series Reference speakers are the ideal choice for custom home installation audio.

PRO-25RW LCR angled with half grille
PRO-18RW angled with half grille
PRO-16RW angled
PRO-24RW LCR angled with half grille
PRO-14RW angled with half grille


Retrofitted to adapt to any wall, ceiling or floor - the Klipsch Professional Series Subwoofers are able to take on any unique design situation you'll face, and still be able to deliver the robust Klipsch bass our fans know and love worldwide.

PRO-1200SW Subwoofer angled with half grille
PRO-1000SW angled