Florian Seebach Monday Showcase Klipsch reference home theater setup


The copper and black accents of a Klipsch speaker system are more than just great-sounding. They can also become stunning furniture pieces for a home.

For one recent #MondayShowcase winner, copper and black are a way of life.

Florian Seebach lives in Schifferstadt, Germany, near Heidelburg, and is a passionate Klipsch fan.

He says his love affair with Klipsch started back in 2005. “I heard Klipsch for the first time at Live by Hi-Fi in Schifferstadt.” At that time, Seebach said he also got to hear the La Scalas, the Heresy Speakers, and the first iteration of the Reference line.

His mind was made up. “My first speaker was an RF-5 floorstanding speaker and, at that moment, I knew I was a Klipsch man.” Seebach went on to get the RF-62 II to create a Reference Cinema System.

“I love the copper and the horns,” he says fondly of his home set-up.

Florian’s current set-up:
RF 7 MK III floorstanding speakers
RC 64 MK III center channel speaker
RP-250S Surround Sound Speakers
SPL-150 Subwoofer

In 2014, Seebach took his passion for Klipsch to the next level by founding Chilling Sounds, a high-end audio dealer focusing on Klipsch speakers, turntables, and receivers.

What Should You Listen To On Your Klipsch Speakers?

Seebach recommends the classic “Unplugged” record from Eric Clapton, recorded for MTV at a time when the channel played music (yes, I know, it’s a foggy memory to me as well). Seebach says the first time he gave it a listen, he was, “speechless.”

“I have big movie and gaming nights with my friends,” he says. “We are playing ‘The Last of Us: Part 2’ and ‘Call of Duty' on my Playstation 4 Pro. The gaming sound experience cannot be beaten.

“I love to kick off Sundays with live recordings from the Eagles or Joe Cocker,” Seebach says.

Copper and Black Speakers Throughout

Seebach says he has a separate Klipsch system for his home studio. “I have the R-620F floorstanding speakers, the R-120SW subwoofer, and The Fives powered speakers. I love it when people want to work in my studio and play music through the Klipsch speakers,” he explains. “The smiles on their faces are priceless.”

“I dream of having a Forte IV for my living room,” he says. “I have a pair of the Sixes and my Playstation.” Seebach also says his father owns a pair of Cornwall IV Heritage speakers and also delights in them.

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