Hero Jr band members

What Does Hero JR Listen To?


(a blog about what Klipsch product the band travels with and what they listen to on the road)

Video Credit: Lone Star Vlog

EVAN HAUGHEY (Lead Vocals):

This leg of the tour I have gone between music and podcasts. I enjoy listening to full albums from start to finish, especially ones I'm not familiar with.

I only take my Klipsch Reference On Ear II headphones on the road. They are perfect for listening to music and podcasts.

As a vocalist, I use my headphones for vocal warm-ups before every single show. I can escape into a focused zone when I slip them over my ears, even in a loud chaotic venue. It's a game changer!

Really missing my Klipsch R-15PM + Pro-Ject Primary Turntable on this tour. Traveling is amazing, but with Klipsch, it's louder than life!


Grateful Dead “Workingman's Dead"

Allman Brothers Band "Eat A Peach"

Elvis Costello "My Aim Is True"

Rival Sons "Pressure And Time"

Elton John "Yellow Brick Road”


Dean Delray "Let There Be Talk"

Bill Burr "Monday Morning Podcast"

Joe Rogan "JRE"

KEN ROSE (Lead Guitar)

Now, I’m more into podcasts and comedy on the road than listening to music. While preparing the Hero Jr. audio and video materials, I’m listening with Klipsch Reference headphones. They are perfectly dry for mastering and awesome for audio work. I have a problem with “enhanced” headphones, but Klipsch headphones overcome this because they can reproduce sound like the original source material. I have owned a few generations of Reference headphones and they are consistent and work for my needs on the road. The new ones are very comfortable.

I also use a Groove to check masters and to plug guitar pedals into while practicing. It's heavy duty and easy to throw into a backpack. I also have a pair of Heritage HP-3 headphones... but I am way too scared to take those out of the house!!! Klipsch = No Bullshit.


Grateful Dead


Dean Delray “Let There Be Talk”

Joe Rogan “Experience”

Bill Burr “Monday and Thursday Podcast”

Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky, “Your Moms House”

Marc Maron "WTF"

Josh Wolf

Burt Kreischer

Uncle Joey Diaz “The Church of What’s Happening Now”


I use Klipsch Reference headphones on the road because they are perfect for work and travel. Over the years, I have tried many sets of over ear "cans" as well as ear bud style head phones. None have stacked up to the Klipsch Reference series. The build quality sets them apart from the competition. My headphones have been crammed into over packed luggage, tossed in flight cases, left in a tour van, and still look brand new. After 2 years and over 300 shows, they are still the most comfortable headphones. You can wear them for hours and your ears don’t feel fatigued.

I primarily use my headphones to warm up backstage and to practice in hotel rooms using a headphone preamp which plugs directly into my bass. Here is where Klipsch leaves the competition in the dust; my bass sounds smooth and warm, exactly like it does through my amp. Every other pair of headphones sounded like I was listening to my bass through a 1970’s rotary phone headset. The drivers could not handle a pure bass signal and my Klipsch cans do it with precision and ease. I also love the amount of isolation provided. It's loud backstage and they do an excellent job of isolating sound. It only takes one flight with a screaming baby to make you fall in love with these cans...


I was gifted a pair of Klipsch headphones the second week as Hero Jr’s drummer, they are always with me. Whether its playing along to my favorite drum songs, going for a run, or sitting in the tour van. Mostly I listen to music, as well as podcasts occasionally. I also use these headphones to review audio from previous shows. My Klipsch headphones are a gift I greatly appreciate.


The Bronx


Hot Snakes


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