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Cheap Headphones and Speakers: Is it Worth It?

Cheap Headphones and Speakers: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

The adage “you get what you pay for” most certainly applies to cheap headphones and speakers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get excellent audio products at an affordable price, especially when you have financing options like Affirm at your fingertips.

In this blog, we explain why it’s worth spending a little more to enjoy high-quality audio instead of settling for cheap headphones and speakers.

Cheap Headphones & Earphones

If you’re looking for headphones or earphones, sound and build quality are two of the most important considerations.

Let’s start with sound quality. To be clear, not all cheap headphones sound, well, cheap. You can get decent audio quality from a pair of $20 headphones. However, you won’t experience high-fidelity bliss or transcend into another dimension. They get the basic job done for casual music listening, movie watching, and gaming.

Build quality is one of the main reasons why the cost of headphones can be inexpensive. To keep the price low, some headphone manufacturers cut corners and use cheap materials, which results in a less durable product. However, durability isn’t the only thing tied to build quality. Headphones with subpar build quality generally provide less comfort and fewer design features that make them easier to use.

For quality headphones at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with the T5 True Wireless earphones. These completely wireless earphones boast legendary Klipsch sound, eight hours of battery life on a single charge, and four built-in microphones for crystal-clear phone calls. The T5 True Wireless earphones also come equipped with our patented oval tips, ensuring ultimate comfort and -22db of noise isolation. Plus, you get a metal battery case resembling a premium, refillable lighter. Pretty slick, huh?

Cheap Speakers

Whether you’re shopping for soundbars or looking to build a home theater system, cheap speakers are just like cheap headphones. Some produce adequate sound quality, but nothing that’ll blow your socks off. Again, this result is due to manufacturers utilizing inferior materials to reduce the price tag.

When it comes to Bluetooth® speakers, many companies may use older technology to help cut down on costs. The lack of bass extension is also a drawback with several Bluetooth® speakers. That’s not the case with the Klipsch Groove® Portable Bluetooth® speaker. This compact wireless speaker provides a full-range high excursion driver with two side-firing passive bass radiators to ensure you enjoy crisp highs and deep lows.

With cheap computer speakers, clarity is one of the hugest setbacks. Many computer speakers feature tiny drivers that don’t produce enough power to achieve a natural sound at higher volumes. That’s why we created the ProMedia 2.1 THX® Certified Computer Speaker system. THX® – a standard for excellence in home audio – tested this 2.1 system over 2,000 times to ensure you get the most immersive sound experience possible.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the hunt for headphones or speakers. When you increase your budget, you can expect crisper, clearer audio. The bass will be less muddy, the highs won’t be as harsh, and the soundstage will be improved. You also pay for superior build quality and added features such as active noise cancellation, voice assistant access, and water/sweat resistance.

Klipsch prides itself on delivering quality products at an affordable price, and we make it easy to get the gear you want with our Affirm financing option. With Affirm, you get to listen now and pay later.

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