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Klipsch Home Theater System Builder

Design the home theater system of your dreams with this easy-to-use online tool! To get started, select the category, the configuration, the main speaker option, and then you can choose all the other components from product options to complement the main speaker.

How to create a system:

  1. Select a Speaker Configuration
  2. Select the Main Speaker (will be used for front left and right channels)
    (Note: changing this option after selecting the other components will clear those selections.)
  3. Select the other components based on your chosen Configuration
  4. The System SKU will display below once you've made all your selections. If all the components are available to purchase online at Klipsch.com, you'll be able to add them to your shopping cart. Adding to your shopping cart from this system builder is only available within the United States at this time.

*Note: Speaker Configuration numbers tell you how many speaker channels are used and in which specific positions. The first number is the number of main channels. The second number is the number of Subwoofers, and the third number is the number of elevation channels for Dolby Atmos® configurations.

Front Left & Right
Side Surround
Rear Surround
Front Elevation
Rear Elevation

System Components:

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