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We asked some of our favorite fans, artists and athletes what music they listen to. Here's what they said.

To introduce our ultra-portable Klipsch Music Center GiG to the world, we held a press event at Marc Forgione’s American Cut restaurant in New York City.

The link between a great playlist and a great meal is undeniable. Marc explains, "To me, a musical note and raw ingredient are one and the same: when handled properly, one creates a memorable song and the other creates an unforgettable dish."

Check out Marc's selections to dine by:

Kenny Aronoff

Self-taught drummer Kenny Aronoff is easily one of the most in-demand drummers in the business, having played on hundreds of albums with countless artists. We can't list them all here, so check out his discography for yourself. Don't act like you're not impressed.

Whether Kenny is learning the material for his latest live gig, or relaxing on his own, here is a sample of what he's listening to:

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Jennie DeVoe

Singer-songwriter Jennie DeVoe never fails to deliver intense, deeply personal songs that draw you into her impassioned world. One part power with two parts raw emotion, Jennie is the perfect blend of spirit, style and originality.

Listen along and discover her ecclectic personality reflected in her musical taste, ranging from Muse to Jack White:

Ghosts of Eden

Formed in 2009 after several years of playing in the New York and New Jersey alternative, hardcore punk and metal scene, the self proclaimed ?Velvet Grunge? band had a new shared focus: brotherhood, strong songwriting and never looking back.

From Incubus to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, listen to what inspires this up-and-coming band:

Daniel Lee

Seattle native and Principal Cello since 2005 for the Saint Louis Symphony, Daniel Lee is a huge fan of the Klipsch Mode 40
noise-canceling headphone. When he's not practicing the classical music he loves, he listens to U2, Sting, Gnarls Barkely, among others.

Find out all his favorites:


As a recently established band, Indiana-based bleedingkeys are building momentum fast – already garnering some amazing opportunities and a respectable fan base in a short amount of time. The majority of the band’s shows have been benefits/fundraisers. In keeping with their name, this band truly has a heart for helping others in any way possible.

From NEEDTOBREATHE to ZZ Top, there's something on their playlist for you:

DeMar DeRozan

Starting guard for the Toronto Raptors DeMar DeRozan uses his Klipsch Mode M40 noise canceling headphones, and Image ONE on-ear headphones for extensive traveling and to focus before games.

Check out what he listens to during warm up:

Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs

Our President and CEO is a huge music fan. Would you expect anything else? With an extensive memorabilia collection ranging from Kenny Aronoff's drum sticks to a guitar signed by Lou Reed, Paul has seen (and heard) just about them all.

Find out which ones he's listening to now:

SXSW® Haus of Hipstamatic

In March 2013, we partnered with the highly creative photography app company Hipstamatic to sponsor the The Morning After Haus of Hipstamatic—Austin. This unique and very intimate venue allowed SXSW attendees the opportunity to relive the concert experience from the night before, and prep for a repeat performance.

The live stage, powered by Klipsch audio, hosted performances by Capital Cities, The Limousines, Guards, Quiet Company, Wildcat! Wildcat!, Willy Moon, and more. Check out some favorites by these great bands:

Our Forum Members

Much like the Grateful Dead generated a tightly-knit community of “Deadheads” through its concert experiences, the Klipsch speaker company has inspired its own set of dedicated cult-status followers. These online ambassadors, many of which have earned "industry expert" reputations, are essentially trusted human yellow pages for us.

Listen to their favorites:

Boomer's Jams

Speaking of amping up, have you ever watched a team mascot in action? Indiana Pacer's comic relief, Boomer, has an energetic playlist that's sure to have you singing along.

Check out what makes him move:

Our Facebook Fans

Ah, Facebook. With hundreds of millions of members, it’s easy to see why it's the most powerful social media outlet on the internet. You too can spread the word by hooking up with thousands of Klipsch fans to share Klipsch stories and photos, find events in your area, and show off your setup.

Here's what they love to listen to:

Demo Track Playlist

Our founder, Paul W. Klipsch, knew the value of a great demo track in showing off the full range of his amazing Klipschorn. This legacy continues today. While the art of the demo in a retail environment is getting harder to find, we encourage you to take a moment to enjoy the full range of the Klipsch speakers you've just purchased with these select tracks.

We're certain you will hear notes you never knew existed.

Power. Detail. Emotion.

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