PWK Expressions

Paul Klipsch lived a very long and a very “broad” life. One of his most

memorable characteristics was the way he expressed himself. His oft-repeated expressions are epitomized in “Let’s go fifth. It’s too late to go forth!” And many are just quaint substitutes for the proper word, such as “slobber” instead of “solder”. Humor was integral to what we will call “Klipschisms”.

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We are indebted to Jim Haynes of Fayetteville, AR for the initial collection. Jim worked for Paul in the 1950’s. We have added a few more (and deleted the now politically incorrect) and hope you enjoy them, as well as the quotations. If you recall others, please bring them to our attention! We will give credit where credit is due.

On a related note, Paul was obviously highly educated in engineering and physics, but he insisted on communicating with the layman in “words of one cylinder”. This has recently become an educational discipline promoted by Alan Alda.