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  • 4-inch square Tractrix® Horn
  • 1-inch magnetically shielded polymer dome compression driver
  • Multi-angle enclosure
  • Jet ash vinyl veneer finish

The SC.5 uses a 1-inch magnetically shielded polymer dome compression driver coupled to a 4-inch square Tractrix® Horn for the high frequencies and two 4-inch graphite-injected woofers for the lows. This winning combination delivers high output with low distortion broad dynamics controlled coverage and flat frequency response. Other class-leading design features such as high-definition crossover networks and internally braced enclosures help ensure peak performance from every SC.5 while the unique venting system of its cast-polymer woofer frame cools the voice coil to enhance reliability.

The SC.5's multi-angle enclosure facilitates placement either above or below a television screen. This center channel also features a "floating" or suspended grille design which minimizes image impairing sonic reflections and complements the jet ash vinyl veneer finish.

This sonically and aesthetically appealing center channel delivers the lifelike dialogue needed to turn ordinary living rooms into theater spaces.


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