Looking for something a little louder? You’ve come to the right place. The RSB-14 is our top-of-the-line sound bar and wireless subwoofer system. You’ll feel unparalleled cinematic sound with deep, rich bass that will either delight or annoy your friends, family, and the neighbors.


  • 4K Ultra-HD Video pass-through
  • Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Enabled
  • Klipsch Tractrix® horns for detailed, impactful sound
  • Integrated Dolby Audio for an incredible listening experience
  • Automatically-connecting wireless subwoofer
  • Wireless remote included (works with universal remote)

Firmware update available for some models. Please see our Firmware page: Firmware Updates & Drivers

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Wireless Everywhere

The Klipsch Reference RSB-14 sound bar is part of the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room System: an all-encompassing solution for distributing audio throughout your home. Listen to internet radio stations, streaming services, your personal digital music library, CDs, DVDs, etc.

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Superior Sound

Perfect for TVs 50" and larger, the RSB-14 is outfitted with three HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 provide for easy connection of your cable/DSS box, Blu-Ray® player, and gaming system. With just one HDMI cable, plug and play has never been easier.

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Superb Sub

Designed to fit into any space with ease, the wireless subwoofer features an 8-inch side-firing driver and professionally-tuned ported cabinet to deliver earth-shaking bass worthy of a theater-going experience.

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Don't you hate when the commercials are louder than the show? Us too!

Luckily, the RSB-14 is equipped with Dolby Audio decoding, which provides crystal clear audio and prevents jumps in volume as you switch content or go from broadcast programs to commercial breaks. Plus, it enhances your movie watching experience.