R6 On-Ear

We created these comfortable, lightweight R6 on-ear headphones to provide listeners a relaxing yet superior listening experience at an obtainable price. Klipsch feels that everyone deserves the best acoustics available - and that's why we are The Keepers of the Sound™.


  • Ultra comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • High-density memory foam ear cups
  • Adjustable leather headband
  • Carrying case
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    The Klipsch R6 on-ear headphones give you full sound control on most Apple products.

    Looking for comfort? The R6 on-ear headphones include an adjustable leather headband for custom fit and professional-grade foam ear cups for premium comfort and noise isolation.

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    The R6 on-ear headphone's flat-fold design is the perfect audio accessory for the everyday traveler. These headphones are lightweight, compact and durable - and they sound amazing.

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