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  • Single speaker accepts two-channel input
  • Separate tweeters for each channel to maintain stereo effect
  • Weatherized components
  • Paintable to match ceiling

Upholding the same high-performance standards as all Klipsch products this reasonably priced speaker employs a 6.5-inch gray polymer woofer cone and dual 1-inch soft/silk dome tweeters so that it can play both left and right stereo signals with total precision and clarity.

Because it nicely blends in with its surroundings and offers installation flexibility this amazing performer is sure to be a homeowner and residential contractor favorite.

Available in a white finish the R-2650-CSM can be paired with the Klipsch IK-650-C installation kit (sold separately). This revolutionary kit design incorporates a mud ring breakaway wire tie and color-coded brackets for easy speaker size identification. It also includes perforated metal wings that easily fasten to the studs via screws staples or nails. Painted white for easy marking and placement these metal wings can be folded around the edge of the studs if necessary.