La Scala

You have chosen a discontinued Klipsch product. For information on the latest Heritage series, please click here.

  • Highly efficient: 105 dB 1W / 1M
  • Fully horn-loaded three-way system with a folded-horn 15" woofer 2" midrange and 1" tweeter compression drivers
  • Capable of extreme output levels with ultra low distortion and astonishing dynamic range
  • Traditional "utility" plywood construction and finish
  • Unfinished Black or Clear lacquer finish

The Heritage Series La Scala three-way loudspeaker provides a very Klipschorn®-like performance with sparkling highs; extreme output yet smooth midrange; and the unsurpassed low distortion bass response of the patented Klipsch folded-horn woofer. Utilizing the same horn-loaded drivers used in the Klipschorn® and Belle Klipsch the La Scala is highly efficient and can produce high volumes with very little power and undetectable distortion.

The La Scala was updated in 2006 as the La Scala II.