KPT-MCM-3 Grand

The KPT-MCM-3 Grand is a three-way screen and stage loudspeaker system designed for spectacular sound in large venues. Its high efficiency and output capability are particularly well suited to auditoriums with digital sound systems. Key to the speaker's performance is its KPT-MWM dual 15-inch horn-loaded woofer enclosure assisted by a separate KPT-XII 12-inch Tractrix® Horn-loaded mid-bass module. Perfectly balancing this low frequency combination is a KPT-402-HF Tractrix® Horn mated to our K-1132 two-inch exit titanium compression driver.

  • Dual 15-inch horn-loaded woofer enclosure
  • 12-inch Tractrix® Horn-loaded mid-bass module
  • Tractrix® Horn with two-inch exit titanium compression driver

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