Official Double-Sided Bullshit Lapel Button

The phrase "Bullshit" has become synonymous with the legend of PWK. So the story goes, in the 1960s, Company Founder Paul W. Klipsch threw a hi-fi magazine across his office and yelled, "it's bullshit," in regards to an audio rival touting "another amazing breakthrough." You now can own a piece of history with your very own Official Double-Sided Lapel "Bullshit" Button.


  • 1" double-sided soft enamel lapel pins using silver plating, with a heavy-duty magnet in the middle

  • Klipsch script logo on one side in black
  • Flip it over to see the yellow "Bullshit" side when the occasion requires
  • Wear it anywhere
PWK behindhisdesk


Following PWK's declaration of an audio breakthrough being "bullshit," he decided to create the very first "bullshit" button, wearing it behind his lapel and revealing it whenever he needed to call someone out on their, well, you know...

Needless to say, the phrase stuck with us for fairly obvious reasons.

You now can have your own Official Double-Sided Lapel "Bullshit" Button.

One side features a stunning, Klipsch logo in script. The other features that special word in yellow. Use it when you need to channel PWK's spirit the most.


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