Icon SB 1

The Klipsch Icon SB 1 soundbar with wireless subwoofer is the first of its kind to feature our founder’s revolutionary horn-loaded technology. What results is a system that opens up an unmatched range of sound, letting you experience every detail of your favorite movies, TV shows and video games. While other soundbars only use a single driver to deliver sound, Klipsch gives each channel its own horn-loaded tweeter and dual midbass drivers to minimize distortion and disperse sound evenly.

The high-quality 10-inch wireless subwoofer automatically connects with the soundbar and creates deep bass you can feel. The SB 1 is also 3D Surround enabled, letting you simulate a surround sound system experience from every corner of the room. To truly experience Hollywood sound, look no further than the legendary horn-loaded technology of the Klipsch Icon SB 1.

Horn-loaded technology is a perfect fit for a soundbar. Horn-loading increases speaker efficiency so that you get the most sound from a given power to literally fill even a larger room with sound. Distortion is naturally reduced with horn-loading and that, combined with sending more of the sound directly to the main listening area, allows both overall sonic details and vocal clarity to be noticeably increased.

The Icon SB 1 is easy to hookup to almost any TV and comes with its own remote control or you can quickly program most existing TV remotes to operate it.