You have chosen a discontinued Klipsch product. For information on the latest Synergy series, please click here.
  • Dual 8-inch IMG woofers
  • 1-inch aluminum-dome compression driver
  • Exclusive 6.5-inch square Tractrix® Horn
  • Front baffle near the floor for intense low-frequency extension

This third generation Synergy floorstander benefits from more than 55 years of Klipsch engineering experience and aesthetic upgrades that are representative of a new quality of craftsmanship.

It offers a winning combination of powerful bass with remarkable detail and high volumes with low distortion making it a perfect delivery source for today's advanced digital music formats.

The F-3 gets all its performance thrills by employing dual 8-inch IMG woofers and a 1-inch aluminum-dome compression driver coupled to an exclusive 6.5-inch square Tractrix® Horn. It also features a custom sculpted port that is located on the front baffle near the floor for intense low-frequency extension. The F-3 offers bi-wire capabilities allowing the use of one or two speaker level inputs as desired for improved connectivity.

Available in a black finish with titanium accents the contemporary look of the F-3 is two-fold. With its grille on the F-3 offers a sense of elegance that nicely blends in with your home décor but take the grille off and you get an aggressive and powerful statement that exudes extreme performance.

Because it wraps technical superiority and eye-catching cosmetics into one affordable package the F-3 easily represents the world's greatest value in high-performance home entertainment.