Outdoor Speakers

When designing a home audio system we have a tendency to only think about the rooms in the house. Doing this tends to ignore an area that many of us spend quite a bit of time in, our backyard. Klipsch outdoor speakers are designed to stand up to the elements and still provide the classic Klipsch sound. Whether you’re looking for on wall outdoor speakers that can disappear under your eaves or rock speakers that blend in with your landscaping, Klipsch outdoor speakers allow you to bring sound to any place in your yard without standing out or getting in the way. 

Professional Series Landscape Satellite Speakers

From small residential systems to massive commercial installs, Klipsch Pro Series landscape speakers are designed to make any installation job quick and easy.


Professional Series Landscape Subwoofers

Get a little rumble in the jungle with these discrete outdoor subwoofers that deliver incredible, ground shaking low frequencies for your next patio party. 


Outdoor Speakers

When you want to listen to your favorite music by the pool or want to provide background music while you entertain guests on your patio, our line of outdoor speakers has you covered. The Klipsch All-Weather loudspeaker line delivers clear, dynamic performances while providing more sound per watt than comparably sized speakers, allowing for better sound coverage in a smaller package.

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    • AWR-650-SM Granite: Limited Time Offer: 03/01/19 - 03/31/19
    • AWR-650-SM Sandstone: Limited Time Offer: 03/01/19 - 03/31/19

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