INDIANAPOLIS (May 16, 2008) — Designed to capture all the sonic excitement of low-frequency effects without taking up valuable floor space, the Klipsch® RW-5101-C in-ceiling subwoofer, combined with the Klipsch RSA-500 subwoofer amplifier, perfectly anchors a high-performance architectural stereo or home theater system.

According to Mark Casavant, vice president of product development for Klipsch architectural, the RW-5101-C is an all-new in-ceiling solution for the company. It’s designed to bring yet another no-compromise option to the company’s already comprehensive architectural series.

“Those who dread the thought of putting a big box in the corner of their room need not worry because the RW-5101-C is no eyesore,” said Casavant. “And just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean you won’t feel it. It takes a true subwoofer system approach, bringing top-of-the-line, deep-driving performance to in-ceiling installations.”

The RW-5101-C utilizes a 10-inch long-throw woofer for superb bass response with low distortion and high power handling (250 watts). The driver features a stiff, well-damped Cerametallic cone, a specially treated aluminum that has been electrochemically transformed into ceramic on both outer surfaces. This ceramic compound allows the woofer to move at high speeds without blurring the sound. Furthermore, the subwoofer features an MDF baffle and sealed back enclosure, so it delivers a consistent bottom end regardless of the ceiling space.

Easy-to-install, the RW-5101-C can accommodate new or existing ceiling structures, as the enclosure is designed to fit standard ceiling joists. It employs all-new sure-grip mounting dogs for even pressure against the drywall. These robust dogs pull tight, leaving no gaps in sight and providing long-term installation reliability.

The subwoofer is also timbre and style matched to Klipsch’s other in-ceiling speakers, so installers can recommend a variety of complete home theater systems in all shapes, sizes and prices to their clients.

The RW-5101-C must be used in conjunction with the company’s RSA-500 subwoofer amplifier, sold separately. Two of these subwoofers can be connected to a single amplifier. Available through the residential contracting market, the RW-5101-C retails for $600 each (U.S. MSRP) and the RSA-500 retails for $750 each (U.S. MSRP).

Special Note: The RW-5101-C only works with the updated version of the RSA-500 that has a serial number of 0813001 or higher.