INDIANAPOLIS (October 24, 2008) —“What a great day to be a Klipsch® owner! I can't really describe the sound I experienced; it is absolutely breathtaking. I heard things in my music I never heard before.”

So began the online post from Scott Hurley, commenting on the Klipsch Palladium™ Series 7.2 system (two P-39F floorstanders, a P-27C center channel, four P-17B bookshelf speakers and two P-312W subwoofers) he had installed that day in his home. He closed with, “Got to go have my celebration cigar and get ready for bed, if I can sleep. I'm still giddy. I actually cried this afternoon from the emotion these speakers deliver. Never before have I been so moved by music.”

Nearly a decade ago, the quest began to create the ultimate expression of the Klipsch brand. After years of designing and refining world-class components, Palladium was introduced, first with a remarkable floorstander—the P-39F—followed by a complete family of speakers.

According to Paul Jacobs, president and COO of Klipsch Group, Inc., “In the past, we’ve made attempts to introduce an influential flagship line, but these products always fell short of our expectations as they failed to pass our most sophisticated test—our ears. Because we refused to lower our expectations, regardless of time or money, I feel confident in saying that we really hit the mark with Palladium. In fact, I consider this series a true work of art.”

This series now includes three floorstanding speakers (P-39F, P-38F, P-37F), one bookshelf model (P-17B), a center channel (P-27C), surround speaker (P-27S) and subwoofer (P-312W). Legendary Klipsch horn technology, significant transducer advances and unprecedented proprietary technologies combine with cutting-edge contemporary design to create the most luxurious balance of performance and style possible—and a thoroughly unique listening experience that owners like Scott are beginning to discover.

Professionals who regularly deal with high-end loudspeakers have also found Palladium to be beyond description. John Hurst, vice president of Sound Insights, Inc. in Jensen Beach, Florida, was present when Scott Hurley’s system was installed, which prompted this reply:

“Even after the 23 plus years that I have been in the high end custom electronics business, I found myself searching for words to describe this experience—and found none that were worthy…His system is unbelievable and will leave an impression on my soul for some time to come.”

John added, “I have heard many beautiful, well-built systems in my time—many of them from Klipsch. I found Palladium to be the absolute best to date. Scott is very satisfied with his purchase from Sound Insights. I am too!”

While audio transcendence is the Palladium Series’ core mission, its look is also second to none. Palladium Series was also engineered to be earth-friendly, with its “linia” veneer, which is very close in appearance to exotic, endangered zebrawood. Produced from real wood sources which are part of controlled harvests, linia is available in three different finish stains: natural, merlot and espresso. The result is both beautiful and environmentally sound.

Does the striking finish and unique boat-tail design resonate with consumers? Ron Lennox of Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach, Florida, knows first-hand: “Shortly after we received our first Palladium floorstanders, a husband and wife came in to place an order on another brand. While they were listening to those speakers, the wife noticed the P-38Fs and said, ‘The speakers over there are really beautiful; should we be considering them?’ As soon as I auditioned them for the couple, they placed their order—for the Palladiums. We at first wondered if the styling might be too modern for some buyers…but people have really warmed up to them.”

Power. Detail. Emotion. The Palladium Series was designed and engineered to deliver all three. Did it succeed? Scott Hurley might have the most conclusive answer yet: “… I'm sitting here in my office, still relishing the experience I had yesterday. It's going to be hard to focus on work today. They’re awe-inspiring and spiritual, at least for me! Thank you all for making a dream come true; I still get choked up.