INDIANAPOLIS (July 19, 2006) — A premier developer of modern and cost effective prefabricated homes, LivingHomes, LLC combines world-class architecture with environmentally responsible design to offer an unprecedented level of form, functionality and sustainability. The first LivingHomes model, designed by internationally recognized architect Ray Kappe, was recently completed in Santa Monica, Calif. and features Klipsch speakers throughout.

LivingHomes targets the growing class of "cultural creatives" - people who value design, health and ecological sustainability in the products they buy. Never before have consumers had access to a home that marries the highest levels of green and good design, not to mention value.

Klipsch Audio Technologies was chosen as audio supplier of choice because Klipsch speakers are highly efficient and complement the energy-saving philosophy of LivingHomes. As a leading global manufacturer of high-performance loudspeakers and other entertainment products for homes, computers, professional cinemas and commercial venues, Klipsch Audio Technologies makes and markets high-performance audio products that are the most energy-efficient in their class.

Currently, LivingHomes is completing only custom projects for homes that will range from 800 to 4,000 plus square feet. In the future, LivingHomes will offer standard floor plans and customers will be able to choose between basic packages, personalizing their home to their specific needs by selecting different floor plans, materials and environmental packages. Klipsch is partnering with LivingHomes and participating installers to be the premier audio provider of its healthy and ecologically-conscious living environments.

The model homes will display a variety of audio equipment, such as the Klipsch RF-10 home theater system that sets a benchmark for value in high-performance loudspeakers and visual sophistication, and the Klipsch R-5650-S in-wall Surround system that features speakers with unique patent-pending horn array technology that creates enveloping sound fields and localized effects without disrupting a home's décor.

About LivingHomes

Founded by CEO Steve Glenn, LivingHomes ( is a premier developer of modern, prefab homes that combine world-class architecture with an unparalleled commitment to health and sustainable construction. All LivingHomes products are designed to achieve at least a Green Building Initiative and LEED for Home “silver” accreditation and incorporate an environmental program that is among the most comprehensive of any production home. Designed by renowned architects and constructed using an unprecedented amount of natural and non-toxic materials and systems, LivingHomes successfully marries style and substance. The first line of homes is designed by founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC) Ray Kappe, FAIA. The model home was “installed” in April, lowered onto a concrete slab in 11 modules by a 350-ton crane over the space of eight hours. More information about the company and its products can be found at