INDIANAPOLIS (January 5, 2006) - Klipsch is launching 20 all-new Reference Series models with refined features to further expand its already diverse product portfolio and solidify its leading position as the number one speaker brand in all channels of distribution (Source: NPD Techworld Jan. - Nov. 2005).

In total, there are five new floorstanding speakers (RF-83, RF-63, RF-82, RF-62 and RF-52), three bookshelf models (RB-81, RB-61 and RB-51), three center channel speakers (RC-64, RC-62 and RC-52), three WDST™ surrounds (RS-62, RS-52 and RS-42) and six powered subwoofers (RT-12d, RT-10d, RSW-10d, RW-12d, RW-10d and RPW-10). This fourth generation of product will replace the current Reference line except for the entry-level 10 series models.

"Since its initial launch in 1999, the Klipsch Reference Series has created a whirlwind of success for the company and its business partners," said Jim Garrett, Klipsch director of product marketing. "By introducing a fourth generation of product with new and better features, we will strengthen our position in the specialty retail channel."

The RF-83 and RF-63 flagship floorstanders each utilize three high-output Cerametallic™ woofers and a 1.25-inch titanium compression driver with exclusive Tractrix® Horn-loaded technology. Available in either a cherry or black wood veneer finish, the RF-83 and RF-63 also feature bi-wire inputs with premium binding posts and Klipsch custom internal wiring for high-quality connection. The RF-82, RF-62 and RF-52 floorstanders offer improved Tractrix horn-loaded tweeters and extended low-frequency capability among other added high-performance benefits.

The latest bookshelf speakers all offer improved bass response and feature high-output Cerametallic woofer cones and titanium compression drivers mated to the latest generation of square Tractrix Horns. The RB-81 flagship bookshelf model utilizes an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter with a ceramic motor structure for extended low and high frequency responses. Available in either a cherry or black woodgrain vinyl finish, the RB-81 also includes bi-wire inputs and Klipsch custom internal wiring for high-quality connection.

The new RC-64, RC-62 and RC-52 center channel models utilize Klipsch's exclusive Tapered Array™ technology and custom internal wiring to deliver perfectly balanced sound over the entire listening area. Cerametallic woofers with inverted copper dust caps, new titanium compression driver tweeters with enhanced Tractrix Horns and full video shielding are also featured throughout the line. The RC-62 and RC-52 offer improved low frequency extension, while the flagship RC-64 is an all-new, class-leading design with four 6.5-inch high-output woofers flanking a central 1.25-inch titanium compression driver.

The RS-62, RS-52 and RS-42 surround speakers, featuring exclusive Wide Dispersion Surround Technology, adopt a completely new cabinet and driver layout that is similar to the Klipsch THX Ultra2® KS-525-THX surround. This configuration establishes greater output, improved coverage and increased power handling to further extend Klipsch's best-in-class surround sound performance. Available in a matte black vinyl finish, all three of these models employ dual Cerametallic woofers and dual titanium tweeters coupled to Tractrix Horns for enveloping surround sound fields, as well as precisely localized rear surround effects. Side-firing ports, back-panel keyholes and ¼"-20 threaded inserts simplify installation.

Designed to deliver staggering bass intensity, the new triangular-shaped RT-12d and RT-10d flagship subwoofers are small footprint, high-output models with powerful front-firing Cerametallic woofers and dual rear-firing passive radiators. Available in either a cherry or black wood veneer finish, these subwoofers easily fit into corners where they are less intrusive. This unique enclosure style also allows the passive radiators to face both corners of a wall for maximum bass performance. In fact, corner loading a subwoofer creates a six-decibel increase in output without needing an increase in power.

Through DSP, the RT subwoofers deliver a new level of customized bass performance. They both feature a digital control panel display that allows users to quickly and easily adjust all functions. The RT-12d and RT-10d also offer three equalization modes (flat, depth and punch) and five user-adjustable preset modes (music, movies, night and two name-your-own settings) to establish specific listening preferences. By utilizing a patent-pending auto room correction process, formally known as Adaptive Room Correction™, and the included calibration microphone, these RT models ensure ideal performance in every listening area.

As the most compact subwoofer in the line, the RSW-10d has an even smaller enclosure than its predecessor as well as substantially increased amplifier power and all-new high-excursion drivers. The RSW-10d offers three user-adjustable preset modes (music, movies and night) and features the same digital control panel and equalization modes as the RT models.

The RW-12d and RW-10d enhance the performance qualities that made the preceding RW-12 and RW-10 models so popular. These two new subwoofers still retain critical performance features such as exclusive Corner Port™ technology but now offer the same digital control panel and three equalization modes (flat, depth and punch) as the RSW-10d.

The entry-level RPW-10 is a powerful front-firing 10-inch subwoofer with a fiber-composite cone that brings a new level of performance to the value-priced subwoofer category. It also features a front-firing slot port for installation into custom cabinetry.

With this new diverse lineup, the Klipsch Reference Series now covers U.S. MSRP price points ranging from $498 to $2498 for a pair of floorstanding speakers, $248 to $698 for a pair of bookshelf models, $199 to $899 for a center channel, $298 to $998 for a pair of surrounds and $349 to $1,999 for a powered subwoofer.