INDIANAPOLIS (July 11, 2008) — When it came to selecting their favorite products for 2008, the editors of EH Publishing’s four magazines, which are all dedicated to the electronic house, chose the Klipsch® KL-7502-THX in-ceiling speaker for an Electronic House Product of the Year Award.

This annual awards program recognizes products that are dedicated to the connected home. Hundreds of entries were submitted this year and through a democratic voting process, the editors selected the most notable. Decisions were based on reviews that ran throughout the year, product demonstrations and talking with installers and users of the products. Topping the list of criteria was technological innovation, overall value and outstanding features.

With the launch of its THX® Ultra2 in-ceiling speaker series in May, Klipsch added an all-new premium category to its custom installation business. The KL-7502-THX makes a great left, center or right main channel speaker, as well as a back-channel surround. And, not only is it meticulously mapped to THX standards, it also puts a fresh spin on the company’s horn-loaded design principles.

The KL-7502-THX employs dual 5.25-inch Cerametallic woofers that operate in an enclosed tuned-port chamber. These exclusive rigid woofer cones offer superb damping characteristics that will not flex or resonate at frequencies within the drivers’ operating ranges, resulting in consistent bass response regardless of the installation or ceiling air space. A 1-inch titanium tweeter in a patented 60-90-110-degree horn that features Variable Coverage Technology, or VCT, lets the speaker create precise imaging and localized sound fields. The woofers are mated to the tweeter via precision-voiced, high-definition crossover networks, producing a flat in-room frequency response, as well as the company’s signature high efficiency, low distortion sound.

“While conventional in-ceiling speakers rarely “fool” listeners into believing the sound is coming directly at them, our KL-7502-THX model breaks the mold by providing articulate detail, powerful impact and excellent localization,” said Mark Casavant, vice president of product development for Klipsch architectural.

Adding to its first-class sound, the KL-7502-THX also has a premium look and feel with its grille off, featuring a deluxe MDF baffle with aluminum fascia. But when covered, the speaker’s paintable grille allows it to blend in perfectly with any home décor. All-new sure-grip mounting dogs offer even pressure against drywall for long-term installation reliability.

Furthermore, this speaker comes with a lot of options. Timbre matched to all Klipsch THX Ultra2-certified products, you can choose between a variety of THX Ultra2 stereo and home theater configurations.

The winners for 2008 will be featured in the September issue of Electronic House, which will be distributed at the upcoming CEDIA trade show, as well as newsstands everywhere. The KL-7502-THX will also be featured on for one year, where it is expected to reach 1.5 million page views in September alone.