INDIANAPOLIS (January 4, 2006) - To further strengthen its position in the specialty retail channel, Klipsch has introduced five new floorstanding models in its award-winning Reference Series.

Replacing the existing Reference Series III lineup, except for the entry-level RF-10, the latest RF-83, RF-63, RF-82, RF-62 and RF-52 floorstanders all feature titanium tweeters coupled to new generation square Tractrix® Horns with improved throat geometry, Cerametallic™ aluminum woofers with inverted copper dust caps and powerful motor structures. While bi-wire inputs and Klipsch custom internal wiring ensure the line's high-quality connection, the low-diffraction magnetically attached grilles provide a sleek appearance.

Designed to be the best of the best, the RF-83 and RF-63 flagship floorstanders are available in either a cherry or black real wood veneer finish. The RF-83 employs three 8-inch woofers, while the RF-63 has three 6.5-inch woofers. Rigid cast frames help maintain perfect alignment of the large, high-temperature voice coils. Both utilize three rear-firing ports to eliminate turbulence noise and 1.25-inch compression drivers for extended high-frequency response.

The RF-82, RF-62 and RF-52 utilize Tractrix Horn-loaded 1-inch titanium tweeters for improved midrange and treble and high-output woofers for enhanced bass performance. While the RF-82 and RF-62 employ dual 8-inch and dual 6.5-inch woofers respectively, they both feature twin rear-firing ports and ceramic motor structure tweeters. The RF-52 has two 5.25-inch woofers, a single rear-firing port and a neodymium motor structure tweeter with integrated heat sink.

While the RF-82 comes in either a cherry or black woodgrain vinyl finish, the RF-62 and RF-52 are only available in black.

"Raising the bar from an already very high point, these new Reference Series floorstanders deliver smoother overall sound together with more bass power and detail," said Jim Garrett, Klipsch director of product marketing.

These models are sold at the following U.S. MSRP pricing: $2,498 for a pair of RF-83s, $1,798 for a pair of RF-63s, $998 for a pair of RF-82s, $798 for a pair of RF-62s and $598 for a pair of RF-52s.

Klipsch also introduced 15 other speakers in its Reference Series, including three bookshelf models, three center channel speakers, three surround speakers and six powered subwoofers.