INDIANAPOLIS (April 16, 2008) — Engineered to look and feel like a natural rock, the new AWR-650-SM outdoor speaker from Klipsch takes over six decades of audio experience and wraps it into a high-performance, weatherized package that blends in perfectly with most landscapes.

Expanding on the company’s already comprehensive outdoor series, the AWR-650-SM is a true two-way design that employs a 6.5-inch dual voice coil polymer woofer and dual ¾-inch polymer dome tweeters. It's also important to note that these woofer and tweeter components are highly efficient, allowing the speaker to produce more output using less energy. And, unlike most rock speakers, the AWR-650-SM is a ported design, so it provides great low-frequency performance.

The speaker’s dual tweeter design allows it to play both left and right stereo signals with precision and clarity. Additionally, it can be wired for mono output in instances where several models are needed to bring smooth and even coverage to larger areas.

According to Mark Casavant, vice president of product development for Klipsch architectural, the AWR-650-SM is a truly engaging all-weather product. He noted that people often think of outdoor speakers as only being able to deliver low-level background music. Klipsch outdoor products, however, have the ability to engage listeners with dynamic sound that can really turn a yard into a legitimate entertainment space.

“For over 60 years, we’ve been about no-compromise audio performance and our rock design is no exception. Just listen and you’ll discover that it delivers an amazing, full-bodied bass response for its price range,” said Casavant.

Available in a granite, sandstone or red rock finish, the AWR-650-SM features a durable UV-resistant enclosure so that consumers can enjoy clean, clear sound all year long. Carrying a U.S. MSRP of $299 each, the speaker is now shipping to the specialty retail and custom installation markets.

Other full-range speakers in the Klipsch outdoor series include the AW-650, AW-525, AW-400, AW-500-SM and AW-800-SW. All of these speakers, except for the AW-800 subwoofer, feature 90-degree by 90-degree Tractrix® Horns for a consistent wide sound field whether mounted vertically or horizontally. Each speaker also comes with durable heavy-gauge zinc C-brackets, improved input cups for better drainage and back-panel threaded inserts that are compatible with popular wall and ceiling brackets.